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Go Pet Club 40-inch Soft Folding Dog Crate.
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These crates are perfect for a Dachshsund, West Highland Terrier, Miniature Schnauzer, King Charles Spaniel, or another medium breed dog. A Midwest medium dog crate is approximately 30 inches in depth, and is sized appropriately for the adult dog. These crates are suitable for dogs 26 - 40 lbs.
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I’m traveling with my dog from buenos Aires to Ireland, a two stop journey.
Here in Argentina is difficult to get the crates, my dog need a 36 inch but they only have smaller or larger 40 inch. So it ok for the dog to have a much bigger crate than needed or is this against regulations? I think we’ll be flying with British airways or KLM
Tanks you GoGo Hunter Green Soft Dog Crate, 40 inch
Photo provided by Flickr40-inch & 42-inch Dog Pan - Metal Crate Pan - Plastic Dog Pan & Tray
Photo provided by FlickrThe average cost of a dog crate 30-inch is $35-$40
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The smallest dog kennels measure about 24 inches, with slightly larger kennels measuring up to 30 inches. Keep in mind that each manufacturer is a bit different as far as kennel lengths and size categories go, so you can give or take a couple inches with the length measurement of each size.These kennels fit smaller breeds of dogs that weigh fewer than 35 to 40 pounds, such as the Jack Russell terrier, Maltese, miniature poodle, and French bulldog, among other small breeds. These small kennels also work well for puppies, if you only plan to use the crate while your dog is a puppy.If you're not sure what size to get, it's safer to go up a size. You can always put in a kennel mat or other small dog furniture to take up some room.