Pink Dog Leash Rolled Leather Soft Padded Lead 4 or 6 foot

Leather Dog Training Leashes 6 Foot - J&J Dog Supplies
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This super soft premium leather dog leash is made by Amish craftsmen from the highest quality leather available. Incredibly soft and supple leather that feels great in your hands from the minute you pick it up. They are braided at the ends for added beauty and strength and come with heavy duty hardware. Without a doubt, they will quickly become your favorite leather dog leash. The 3', 4', 6' and 8' lengths have a ring in the handle and the 1/2" and 5/8" have a rivet to hold the braided tab down. Colors: Brown.
Custom Engraved Free Rolled Leather Dog Collar 4 or 6 ft Leash Set Pink Miniature Toy Small Medium Extra Large Breeds
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Another handmade Amish leash (we’re starting to see a trend here!), this uses soft Latigo leather, and an Italian bronze snap closure for extra strength and durability. At 6 feet long and 3/4’’ thick, this is a heavy duty leash that can support the weight of large dogs. 6ft dog leashes are often recommended for dog training. Use our short leather leash for keeping your dog close and controlled in crowds.
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Dependable, durable, rugged, and stylish a leather dog leash is a must have for man’s best friend. The choice of trainers for obedience and the choice of law enforcement for daily use, nothing can match a leather dog leash. Our handmade dog leashes start out as strips of thick American tanned English Bridle Leather. These strips are edged, dyed, and slicked to ensure a perfect flowing feel in the dog owner’s hand. Next, a top quality solid brass snap and handle loop is attached by hand stitching and solid brass rivets to ensure our construction will not fail under normal use. We make our 6 foot x 1/2 inch Handmade English Bridle Leather Dog Leash for use with small dog breeds such as the Border Collie, Jack Russell Terrier, or Beagle. When you buy Duvall Leatherwork you not only get amazing products, you also help keep jobs here in America. You can rest assured that this dog leash was handmade by American hands, right here in our Pennsylvania workshop.A favorite of obedience trainers from coast to coast! The Leather Dog Training Leashes 6 foot made by J&J Dog Supplies has been designed for formal dog training. The Leather Dog Training Leashes - 6 FootOur Leerburg dog training leashes are the finest leather dog leashes that money can buy. They are made from soft Latigo leather. You will never find a leash of this quality in any pet store or dog food warehouse.

Check out Leerburg's 6ft Leather Leash at Black Leather for the Traditional Braided J&J Dog Leash Black Braided Leather Dog Leash now available after years of requests, it is here! A New Twist to the Leather Dog Training Leash 6 foot made by J&J Dog Supplies... Now trust 'em to do the same for your favorite hunting companion. Durable 6' Dog Leash is constructed from high-quality leather that looks great and feels comfortable in your hand. Includes all-metal hardware. Get yours here for LESS! For the Serious Dog Trainer The Heavy Duty Harness Leather Dog Leash in 6 foot length is designed for professional or serious amateur dog trainers seeking exceptional strength and durability in a dog leash.