A1K9 protection dogs are also perfect family pets

Its a dog's life, or NOT, if you area trained #A1K9 FamilyProtectiondog, living in #Marbella.
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Spending some time with A1K9's founder Charles Wall and a few of his own dogs.
A little bit of work, exercise, agility and above all a lot of fun!
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4 #A1K9 #familyprotectiondogs pose for a picture on a piece of our #dog #agility equipment.
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A1K9, specialists in the supply and training of family and personal protection dogs. Here is just a short video showing extracts from a busy day at A1K9, the UK's oldest established and leading personal protection dog supplier.
Hope you like it :) Music Courtesy of THE PRODIGY Thirty trained protection dogs in a down stay at A1K9.
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Photo provided by FlickrA1K9 Trained German Shepherd Dogs
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Operated by two sisters, Maxine and Georgia, A1-k9 care was started in Chesham and Little Chalfont but have now expanded to all the surrounding areas such as Amersham and Chorleywood. At A1-K9 Care, we have professional staff to provide different services to your pets like boarding, walking and exercising etc. Additionally, they provide different behavioural training and routine health care during their stay at the centre. Your pet will be picked for the dog adoption centre with a comfortable Pet taxi. Here, we allow all dogs to play together so that they could not feel homesick.Family protection dogs by A1K9 are exactly that, a dog that lives harmoniously with and interacts with the whole family. Able to accompany the family wherever they choose to go, remaining social, friendly and accepting until it has good reason not to be! When required it switches into protection mode, once the problem is dealt with it reverts to being the family pet and companion, a source of joy and security.
Family Protection dogs of this calibre are the result of hundreds of hours of training and years of conditioning, utilising only the best available k9 candidates of selected breeding.
Thinking of a family protection dog, then please pay us a visit and look at the dogs available, you will be pleased that you did.
A1K9, the Professional Dog Trainers, producing highly trained Personal and Family Protection dogs for approaching 20 years!This dog care centre is reported to be one of the most preferred choice of the dog owners. One of the regular clients of A1-K9 Care says, ”If your dogs are pleased to see the dog care then you know you’re in good hands. Georgia and Maxine are great with dogs they get to walk and play and care is taken to match dogs so that no-one is left out. Flexible and can collect and drop off A1-k9 care do more than dog walk and dog care, they really love dogs.”Work with A1K9 Professional Dog Training if you need an expert who can do obedience training for dogs. These professional dog trainers also offer behavioral modification programs.A1K9 Family Protection Dogs receive many months of intensive, balanced obedience training and conditioning in varied locations to ensure that they will be social, well adjusted and obedient members of the family. After all where is the point in having a protection dog if it is not well behaved enough that you can take it out and about with you? Our training leaves nothing to chance and the all important foundation is the obedience, socialisation and conditioning, which underpins the control, a must for an A1K9 Family Protection Dog.
A1K9 Family Protection Dogs - Nothing but the best.

Soundtrack for this video is Burn by Ellie Goulding, a great track, available on iTunes.In what is surely the most anticipated unboxing in videogame history, Rally Point's Craig and Will attempt to unbox the Total War: ROME II Collector's Edition. There's one catch: they're being chased and attacked by trained war dogs. Trained... war... dogs.

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Many thanks to A1K9 Professional Dog Training of Swansea, Wales for letting us come along and be torn apart - please do check them out and like them on Facebook below and thank them for being so awesome!

We'll be back for Rally Point 17 soon - don't forget, Rome II is out on Sept 3rd!