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CWHWTC Rescue has dogs and puppies for adoption. Adopt a pet in All Across Canada, Ontario.
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We advocate an end to the operation of puppy mills and pet store animal sales. It is the goal of Boston Terrier Rescue Canada to educate the public about Boston Terriers, and to promote responsible dog ownership and breeding practices. All dogs adopted out through our program and spayed or neutered.
Just some of the dogs needing urgent adoption can be seen here: Dogs Needing ..
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Thanks for your interest in our adoptable dogs! We’re so glad that you are looking to rescue your new furry friend. Listed below are the profiles of our available dogs for adoption. As many dogs come to us without any history at all, we do our best to complete their profiles based on our interactions with them. All information that we have about each dog is listed in their profile, so unfortunately, if you don’t see the information listed, we don’t have it. That being said, dog profiles are based off the experience of our volunteers, and you should be aware that animals can act differently in a kennel setting versus a loving, stable, home environment. The best way for you to judge a specific dogs’ character is for you to make an appointment to meet them yourself! Canada Dogs has dogs and puppies for adoption. Adopt a pet in Montreal, Quebec.
Photo provided by FlickrThese dogs are currently up for adoption in Toronto through Coveted Canines
Photo provided by FlickrIf you can't adopt or foster a pet but love dogs, then become a volunteer.
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One should not worry about the adaptability of a Thai dog to a more western lifestyle. Thai dogs are extremely friendly and savvy. When it comes to climate, many assume that because dogs and cats have fur, they can adapt easily to the cold. That is not always true. Pets with thick, multi-layered coats can more easily bear the cold than those with thin, short coats. Conversely, animals with thin, single layered coats fare much better in humid, warmer climates as opposed to those with thick, multi-layered coats. So it is important to take into consideration your climate when selecting and adopting an animal.By adopting a dog you are not only saving their life but the dogs life that can take their place in our foster home. As we like to say, Rescue is the best breed!For international adoption, a dog can either be shipped via the cargo of a plane or can sometimes travel with a flight volunteer who happens to be flying to your country.We rescue dogs mostly from Kentucky and Ohio that are on the list to be euthanized because no one wants them. Large packs of beagles are used for hunting. If a dog gets lost or is a poor hunter and has the misfortune to end up in a shelter it is euthanized unless a rescue such a mine steps up to save the dog. But we must have a safe place for the dog to go once we commit to saving it. We need someone who will be willing to open their heart and home to care for the dog on his journey to a forever home. Without fosters we are unable to save their lives. To feel the affection and gratitude of the dog who is alive because of you. To see him arrive so scared and unsure then blossom into an affectionate, trusting happy fun loving dog is so rewarding and gives you a sense of pride knowing you have saved a life. Often fostering can give you the opportunity to decide if you want to adopt the dog, sort of a trial fun.A completed application is required followed by a home visit and meet and greet with the dog. If we agree the dog is a good fit a meet and greet is arranged. In most cases the dog is brought to your home where you will be more comfortable and you can see how the dog will interact with members of your family and your home. The adoption fee is due upon adoption. A 10 day trial is offered. If the dog is returned during these 10 days $275 of the adoption fee will be refunded.It is an unknown when someone will fall in love and want to adopt the dog. It can vary from a few days to a few weeks. We try to obtain as much information about the dog as possible from the shelters. Many may not be house broken or have been mistreated while others may be fine with no issues to work through. Your help will increase their changes of finding new forever homes. We also know that it can be a tearful time for the foster when a permanent home has been found. You will feel an attachment and that is natural. But remember that it was YOU that gave this dog the gift of a second chance at a new life. Our foster homes have the unique advantage of getting to know their foster dog and will have the first option to adopt the dog.