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If your dog or cat meets the requirements listed in Air Europa pet policy to travel in-cabin, you will need an approved . You must notify Air Europa that you are traveling with a pet. Reservations cannot be made online.

If your pet is too large to fit under the seat, it is an animal other than a dog or cat, or if it is a very long flight, Air Europa may transport your pet in the cargo section of the aircraft according to its regulations. This section of the cargo department has the same temperature and pressure as the passenger cabin. TIP: Be sure to tell the Captain of the aircraft that your pet is flying in the cargo hold so that they can be sure to keep the temperature at the proper level. Find more tips on .

If your pet is traveling in the cargo section, whether through the cargo department or as checked baggage, it must be in a that is IATA compliant. Learn more about We also suggest that you consider for your pet's crate as more airlines are requiring it. Once you receive your crate, you will need to acclimate your pet to it before traveling. Our guide for preparing your pet and its crate for travel is helpful, especially for first time pet travelers. .
This crate is the closest thing we’ve seen to a true airline approved dog crate. Just switch out the bolts and you’re good to go!
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We recommend the for owners wanting an airline approved dog crate. It’s backed by many consumers who have successfully used this model on domestic and international flights. It also comes with extra bells and whistles like clippable food bowls and air travel stickers for the crate. Pet Life Airline Approved 'Cage' Pet Carrier at PetSmart. Shop all dog carriers & crates online.
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Approved on all major airlines. This dog travel crate has lots of ventilation, assembles in minutes and is suitable for for small dogs or cats up to 14 inches tall.Hard options will provide more protection, and there’s just generally more of them available in the marketplace that are approved for air travel. These would especially be recommended if your canine will need to travel as cargo, you’ll be thankful for the peace of mind you’ll receive from knowing your pet is in a crate with superior protection. Many airlines won’t even transport animals in cargo if they’re in a soft crate, so for larger dogs, these are definitely the best option.$219.96-$0.00 Petmate Sky Kennel Pet Carrier Giant - Petmate Sky Kennel You only want the best for your dog, especially when traveling. The Sky Kennel Dog Crate by PetMate is preferred by airlines and is approved by the ATA (Airline Transportation Association). With heavy-duty construction 4-way ventillation and great visibility, , the Sky Kennel is the clear, comfortable choice when flying or dr ...One of the best airline approved soft sided dog crates is the . Click on the link to read our comprehensive review. This crate is well built, and all airlines will approve it. It is made only for small dogs, cats, and other pets.There are many kinds of dog crates, and which one you choose all depends on what the crate has to do. If you are taking a flight, the carrier must be airline approved. If you are going to the vet or somewhere else in a car, it has to have a seatbelt latch.Learn about what crates the airlines will accept. ... The rules regarding approved types of containers for cats, dogs, ferrets and birds flying in cabin and as cargo ...