SmallDog Rescue and Humane Society (Atlanta) Reviews

SmallDog Rescue and Humane Society is a not for profit organization based in Atlanta, GA
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Furkids cares for more animals on a daily basis than any other local organization, including the Atlanta Humane Society. Approximately 500 animals – mostly cats – reside with Furkids, at the organization’s shelter, adoption centers and in its foster program. SmallDog Rescue & Humane Society currently has approximately 85 animals in its program, either in the shelter or foster homes. During the past several years, the two organizations have had a loose affiliation in which they have exchanged selected animals, each helping the other rescue or place cats or dogs into adoptive homes. Both have exacting adoption processes and a commitment to the highest level of care, including shelter and foster home care, for homeless animals in their programs.
Furkids Small Dog Rescue in an amazing animal rescue organization in Atlanta
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Breed Rescue services are small, private, shelter-like groups run by volunteers dedicated to a particular breed. Most of them operate out of the volunteer’s home. Like no-kill shelters, demand for their services is high, so high that your dog may be turned away for lack of room. A breed rescue can still help you place your dog by providing referrals to persons interested in adopting your dog. You’ll have the most success if you follow the rescue service’s advice and are willing to do your share of the work to find a new home. The list of dog rescue groups in Atlanta can be found on the internet at the . SmallDog Rescue and Humane Society (Atlanta) - No Kill Network
Photo provided by FlickrThis animal is available for adoption in the Atlanta, GA area through Furkids and SmallDog Rescue
Photo provided by FlickrSmall Dog Rescue and Huma is located in Atlanta, Georgia
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Furkids, Inc. (), one of the most successful nonprofit animal rescue organizations in the southeast, is joining forces with a respected leader in the Atlanta rescue community, SmallDog Rescue & Humane Society (). SmallDog Rescue is a 501 (c) (3), tax-exempt organization dedicated to finding loving families for homeless dogs in the Atlanta area. Every year, over 90,000 animals are killed in Georgia shelters. Our volunteers rescue many dogs from local shelters and foster them in their own homes until a suitable forever home is found. We do not shy away from taking sick or difficult dogs into our program. Thanks to donations, we are able to provide excellent medical care for all of our little orphans. Our volunteers work tirelessly on training, socializing, and giving the dogs all of the loving care that they so much deserve. Thanks to our friends and supporters, we have been able to rescue hundreds of dogs from certain death, and place them in loving forever homes. It is caring individuals like you who can make a difference in the lives of our wonderful orphan dogs.SmallDog Rescue and Humane Society is a not for profit organization based in Atlanta, GA. SDR's mission is to save dogs from death row at local shelters and to foster and care for them until they find a loving home.Here is a small list of organizations that do Pet Rescue: - Operates in North Metro Atlanta - Their Facebook page can be found . -- Helping Atlanta pets through our pet rescue services; Adopting a dog, cat, kitten or puppy into your forever home from AHS will be a wonderful experience. - Atlanta Pet Rescue & Adoption (APRA) is a non-profit, volunteer-based, no-kill shelter dedicated to rescuing and rehabilitating dogs and cats so they can be adopted into safe and loving forever homes.- Founder Samantha Shelton finds a stray mother cat with kittens. Unable to find a shelter that will take them in, she establishes Furkids. - "Help us make a difference."- "Adopt a Homeless Pet."Below is a list of Pet Shelters and Animal Rescue Organizations in Georgia: