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When putting the diaper on your dog, try reversing the diaper so that the normal front on a human baby will actually be placed on the backside or tail area of the dog. For most dogs, reversing the diaper provides for a better fit.​
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As with changing a baby’s diaper, make sure you clean your dog’s behind thoroughly with a dog-friendly wipe before you put a diaper on. If you adapt a human diaper for a dog by cutting a hole for the tail, make sure you try a couple sizes to find the right fit. Some big dogs may need adult human diapers. How can I use baby diapers for dogs
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Photo provided by FlickrFull diapers, which have a hole for the tail, go over your dog's bottom and close at the sides like a baby's diaper
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Yes, if you find the right size of baby diapers they will work fine for dogs. They also will cost less than regular dog diapers. You will just need to make a hole for your dogs tail to fit through.These are the ones that closely resemble the human baby diapers and offer total coverage. Full coverage diapers come with a tail-hole and properly cover the dogs behind, providing a snug fit around the hips. These are just what you need if you have a female dog needing a solution for that “special time”, or if your female dog has urinary incontinence, or if your female or male dog has fecal incontinence.Dog diapers are commercially available, but can put a sizable dent in your wallet, despite their value in reducing the fallout of a messy heat cycle. Consider modifying a baby diaper or toddler pull-up diaper to meet your dog's needs. Put the diaper on your dog before cutting a hole for her tail. This will reduce the likelihood that you might get it wrong, and have to discard the first diaper. Cut a small hole through which you can gently pull your dog's tail. Fasten the diaper as you would if you were putting it on a baby, making sure not to make the diaper too tight or too loose.For smaller dogs that wiggle out of traditional doggie diapers, consider creating a bodysuit diaper using a baby onesie. Place the shirt over your dog’s head, with her front paws through the arms and the longer part of the onesie over her back. Determine where the onesie will cover her tail and cut an opening to allow the tail to go through. Close the onesie with the snap closures under her belly.It costs much less and you get more for your money. You can even use these diapers for large dogs. U can buy any brand you want. I buy the assurance because it comes with the elastic band which helps the diaper stay on. For smaller dogs just buy infant baby diapers.Dog diapers are similar to baby diapers in that the purpose is generally to help the owner cope with a dog’s urinary problems. They’re great for new animals that have not been completely house trained yet. When many pet owners consider house training their dog, they seldom consider dog diapers.