Part 1 of teaching a dog to ring a bell to tell us he has to go potty

At first I teach my dogs to ring the bell for a treat and don’t associate it with going outside.
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3. Why can't I just use some bells on a string to Tell Bell train my dog? This approach is not good, because hanging bells may result in your dog marking up your door when he lifts his paws up to touch the bells. Tell Bell sits near a door, out of the way, and is only heard when rung by the dog. Unlike hanging bells that are heard when the door is opened and closed, making it confusing to a dog, since the bells are rung at other times not associated with going outside to potty. Lastly, the methodology developed for Tell Bell is easy to implement and is exclusive to Tell Bell training your dog.
To train your dog when to ring the bell, follow these steps any time you go to take your dog outside for a potty break:
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And I often recommend teaching your dog or puppy to ring a bell to alert you to when it is time that he wants to go outside. So in this article, I want to bell ringing down in a simple form on its own. Step 3: Have Your Dog Ring Before You Go Outside. Now that your dog knows how to use the bell, command her ring it immediately before you take her outside.
Photo provided by FlickrJun 22, 2016 - To train your dog when to ring the bell, follow these steps any time you go to take your dog outside for a potty break: As you approach the door with your dog, say “touch,” and point to the bell. As soon as your dog touches the bell with her nose, click or say “yes!” and give her a treat reward.
Photo provided by FlickrAug 8, 2014 - This post is for the people who have tried–and failed–to teach their dogs to ring a bell to go outside
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“I adopted Molly, a one year old Japanese Chin/terrier mix, from a rescue shelter in November of last year. She had been hit by a car and then suffered a broken leg after jumping off a ledge in the shelter. She has been through a lot and was very skittish but is really coming around and acting more and more like a confident little dog. We continue to have difficulty with house training her and, since she doesn’t bark (only in extremely rare situations…she almost scares herself when she does make some noise!), I’m thinking of trying to teach her to ring a bell to go outside. She knows she is supposed to go out there, consistently goes on verbal command in her designated spot, but sneaks away to the bathroom every now and then to go instead of letting someone know she needs to be let outside. Do you have any suggestions for teaching the bell ringing technique? Is it even something I should attempt with her?”Teach Dog to Ring Bell - This really does work! We taught August this. While they are a puppy when letting them outside to go potty be consistent in ringing the bell before you open the door to let them out. They will then catch on quick that is how they get to go. Be for-warned though the older they get they will consistently ring the bell not only to go potty but just to go outside and play.This is not a you want on (command). What you want is for your dog to learn that ringing the bell gets her outside when she needs to go to the toilet and at no other time.Prior to teaching your dog to ring a bell to go outside, it's necessary for him to have . If your dog has a preference for tinkling behind the sofa, you may have some work to do prior to beginning bell training. If your dog doesn't respond to repetition training or hasn't established a routine, he may be too young or inexperienced to respond to bell training. If he has, but sometimes cannot get your attention in time to avoid an accident, he might be a great candidate.