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belly bands for male dogs, dog diapers - saves your carpet & furniture from leg lifters!
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Male wraps for dogs, or dog belly bands, can help house train (housebreak) your dog or puppy as well as make house training a little more pleasant for everyone involved. Male wraps are great for incontinent dogs or dogs that urinate when excited or a little nervous.
XS Long Cute Dogs Belly Band for male dogs by BellyBandsbyTrina, $10.00
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Belly bands for dogs are essentially doggie diapers designed especially for males. The garments consist of an outer shell or "band" that wraps around the dog's midsection, effectively enclosing his privates. The outer shell contains an absorbent inner liner to catch urine. You can purchase special liners, but sanitary napkins and even baby diapers are also sometimes used and can easily be changed and disposed of. Some models come with an adjustable strap that wraps around the dog's chest and neck area for added security, but most models only wrap around the belly. XS Long Cute Dogs Belly Band for male dogs by BellyBandsbyTrina, $10.00
Photo provided by Flickrbelly bands for male dogs, dog diapers - saves your carpet & furniture from leg lifters!
Photo provided by FlickrThese belly bands work great for male dogs that mark in the house! And with the chest strap, the dog can't wriggle out of the belly band!
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Belly bands may be the solution for you and your dog. A belly band, like a crate, is a training aid for male dogs who do “leg lifting exercises” in the house. They are not meant to be worn constantly as they are a tool to help the male dog realize that the house isn’t his potty place. Why does a bell band work? Most dogs do not like to be wet. If the dog decides to void in the home, the belly band works like a diaper. It will absorb urine.Belly bands for male dogs are equivalent of female doggy diapers. Belly bands can be useful in many situations on a male dog. It makes housetraining easier for younger dogs if you are away from home many hours a day. Adult and senior dogs may become incontinent in their old age and have accidents. Bellybands will prevent dogs from urine marking in the house. Male bellybands prevent messes and smells and only take minutes to make.Belly bands are useful for male dogs with wetting problems. The bands are simple rectangles that wrap around the lower end of the dog's belly and are held in place by Velcro. The bands consist of two layers and should be made of soft, comfortable fabric. Cotton works well for the outer layer and fleece makes for a comfortable inner layer. The bands enclose an adult incontinence pad.PuppyBellyBands® for Male Dogs
Simply wrap a belly band around your dog’s waist to prevent common household accidents and keep unsightly and smelly messes from occurring in your home. The removable micro-fiber terry insert if inserted in the Pet Expertise Male Wrap creates triple the absorbency of our Belly Bands. These are great for dogs that are incontinent or are having larger accidents.K9 Belly Bands are for male dogs who are "marking your home", incontinent or need help with housetraining. I have made and donated belly bands to rescue groups since 2001. Dog rescue is my mission in life. I have volunteered with several rescue groups, fostered dogs, designed and maintained rescue websites. Making belly bands is the one thing that I can do to help as many rescues as possible, as well as help individuals who may have to surrender their dog due to potty accidents in the home. I am willing to go above and beyond to help my customers and their precious dogs. For this reason, I believe my customers need their belly bands yesterday, so I ship your order immediately.