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Used properly, a crate can theoretically lead to a puppy's never having an ..
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We actually like that there is simplicity in the available sizing options. Often we find ourselves questioning whether to go with the 36 inch versus the 30 inch when picking out the best dog crate for a puppy. We usually just go with the bigger one to err on the side of caution. Since there are only 3 available options, this makes life a lot easier.
Mar 28, 2016 - Here's our list of the top five best dog crates for everything from your tiny puppy to your full-grown mutt.
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All through this training process it is important to be patient and not to push your dog. Ask for what your dog is comfortable with rather than forcing your dog to do what you want. Crate training is best done in baby steps. If you can get your dog or puppy comfortable with the crate before the first night in it, your odds of getting a good sleep that night will be much higher. Once your dog is crate trained and house trained fully, you can leave the dog in a crate for up to 8 hours. The dog should have good exercise before and after, and should be left in the crate with something safe to occupy his attention. Your dog will likely spend most of the time sleeping! If you recently bought or adopted a puppy, or an adult dog for that matter, you may be interested in learning more about puppy crates and which types work best.
Photo provided by FlickrBest dog crates for your puppy, so they settle in their new home quickly and makes it easier to toilet training them.
Photo provided by FlickrTo help you find the best dog crate for cocker spaniel puppies, here are a few top rated products that you can check out
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It works best for a dog to be introduced to a crate gradually, rather than just plopping him in for the night or long periods. When your new dog or puppy first comes home, acclimate him to the crate by tossing a treat in, leaving the door open so that the dog can enter and exit freely. When your dog is comfortable going in and out of the crate, toss a treat inside and close the door for a second or two before letting the dog out.This is the best gift that you can get your medium sized dogs or puppies. The metal dog crate by Carlson features an all-round stainless steel construction which is very durable. The steel construction is also a tough choice for tough breeds.This one best soft sided dog crate itself is very lightweight, is a bit on a smaller side and will support any dog up to 70 pounds. Kennel's steel frame is sturdy but the covering fabric in particular is just great! The tightly weaved fabric will make it very hard for your dog to claw their way out of it. Port-A-Crate is extremely easy to setup and collapse in literally a few seconds. This is one of the best products out there for crate training your puppies, although you should keep in mind that it's still a budget option, and overly “dissatisfied” dogs will find their way out anyway.Another crate equipped with a dividing panel, this number will grow with your puppy, giving you control in adjusting how much space your dog needs and what works best for their house training schedule.For more info:

The World's Best Dog Crate is simply the best crate for your Dog. Available in six sizes, these crates fit any dog plus they include a divider for growing puppies. The crate includes a handle for easy transport.Crates aren’t a total solution as some dogs can see them as frustrating and anxiety-producing. Given the success of them as a training tool, though, they’re a great option. Here’s our list of the top five best dog crates for everything from your tiny puppy to your full-grown mutt.