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hen it comes to feeding our pets, every dog owner wants to give the dog the best that one can afford. The question is, however, with on the market, what is the best dog food that money can buy? Comparing dog food prices is simple, but trying to figure out which pet food brand offers the best value for your money is much more difficult.
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When dogs are healthy, vetting dog food prices and picking the optimal price for value choice is easy. If, however, your dog has special dietary needs, you will need to do a little more digging to see which pet food brand will fit best. Of those foods that do meet your dog’s needs, you will want to choose the highest rated food within your budget. Apr 5, 2017 - Click on the best organic dog food brand for more information, prices. Or scroll down below to read our overview.
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Photo provided by FlickrFeb 8, 2017 - Comparing dog food prices is simple, but trying to figure out which brand offers the best value for your money is much more difficult.
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This is the best inexpensive dog food we found for under $1/pound, but you will need to buy a larger size (40 pound) bag online (like ) to get such a low price. This excellent dog food contains a very high 26 to 28% protein content, and a 16 to 17% fat content, which are both surprisingly high for such a low-priced option. The protein comes mostly from the primary meat (lamb, beef, or chicken), its meal (lamb meal, beef meal, or chicken meal), and also from peas, flaxseed, fish meal, and egg product. Having chicken, lamb, or beef as a first ingredient is great, though it is a bit misleading because it's mostly (like 80%) water when initially weighed, and then actually constitutes a small amount of the recipe once dried. But there is very good protein content here, so we're happy about that. There are also some Omega-6 and Omega-3's added by including chicken fat (Omega-6) and flaxseed (Omega-3), several vitamins and chelated minerals, and fiber. There is also some probiotic content, and some great natural fiber sources such as pumpkin, quinoa, carrots, and several other fruits and veggies. No artificial flavors or colors here, our dogs truly love the taste (especially the beef and lamb versions!), and the company is well known for producing high quality products right here in the USA. Overall, this is a truly excellent pick if you're looking for a high quality dog food on a budget. Not sure how long they'll be able to keep their prices so reasonable, but in the meantime we're loyal customers!You can find the best dog food for the price by being aware of ingredients and what makes a dog food healthy, regardless of price. It is possible to while also staying within your budget.Needless to say, we all want to select the best quality dog food for the money and stay within the budget. When comparing dog food prices, quantity isn't the only (or even the main) factor that must be taken into consideration. It's about the quality of nutrients and calories that your dog will get from that specific dog food brand.Diamond Naturals is not the best food on the market, but for the price that they are offering, the ingredients are very good. This is good nutritious food for your dog.