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Hi Kristie I hope your furry baby is getting better and I hope I would see this post before.. well I just want to share in brief same story as you ..I have 2 dogs.. both of them started with some problems when I started giving them Hill dental care.. anyways my shitzu started to pee blood and she developed a huge stone in the bladder, Vet had to remove immediately, of course I didn’t know by that time it was the damn food, then we prescribed Hills Urinary Care after the surgery but in the 2 following months I didn’t notice any change , she had really troubles to do pee even after the stone was removed and she looks sad….anyways we decided to change the food for a natural one, made home and complemented with holistic food and now 6 months after the surgery we took x ray and she is clean..of course my vet almost killed me when i told him i changed the diet for a natural one, dunno what is the deal with these companies and the vets, the important part is that she started to be her again happy, active and the allergies stopped (we had to give meds last 2 years cause in summer she presented allergies) and allergies meds are super bad for dogs that suffer stones, also I read books about the PH and I am giving potassium citrate every 3 days to help her balancing the PH as well with some natural food to do the same, no more red meat or fish and no cranberries cause that can make the pee too acidic and that is when struvite or calcium stones can happen… I was desperate 7 months ago and its difficult to find the best recommendations for our furry babies, For the records my other dog had some other issues and his health had improved by far 🙂 too.
If your dog suffers from urinary tract health issues, it's time to check out the best dog food for urinary tract infections. If you notice that your dog is in pain when .
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My final pick for best dog food for urinary tract health is NutriSource Pure Vita. The Chicken & Brown Rice formula uses chicken as its main protein, without overdoing it. There are plenty of quality fiber sources to aid digestion, like brown rice and oatmeal. Find Out Why 97% of Dog Owners Prefer OUR Reviews
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I have a 10 year old Bichon who has had significant issues with bladder infections and stones. This was one of the best articles I have read. There is a lot of misinformation out there driven by the dog food industry. Because of that misinformation and my own ignorance, she had to undergo two surgeries to remove stones. I vowed to never put her through that again and determined to learn as much as possible about bladder infections and stone formation. I would just like to add that Ultrasound is a good way to diagnosed stones that are radiolucent. This has become my preferred method of check-up every 6 months. If caught early (My Bichon was already forming new stones 3 weeks after her second surgery) it is possible to dissolve struvite stones with the right antibiotic therapy. I use regent strips that test for blood as well as test PH. You can buy regent strips and sterile urine cups on Amazon very cheaply.I recommend you purchase pH strips at the local drug or health food store and check your dog’s urine pH at home, to keep it balanced at 7. This is a great way to be proactive in helping prevent crystals and stones from forming. It’s best if you can hold a strip into the stream as your dog urinates, but you can also collect it in a cup and dip the pH strip in the sample. Just make sure to test the sample immediately to get an accurate reading. Always check pH in the morning, before your dog eats breakfast. Checking after meals isn’t accurate as pH shifts after food intake.