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What is the best dog shampoo for pomeranian's coat? | Yahoo Answers
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With regards to the best shampoo for Pomeranian dog, be mindful of any special requirements your dog has such as skin allergies or a dry coat.

dog shampoo: What is the best dog shampoo for Pomeranians?
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What shampoo should I best use when bathing my Pomeranian? It’s vital that you do research prior to choosing the products that are suitable for the skin and hair of your dog. Choosing the ideal shampoo means asking the right questions and waiting for the replies. It also varies according to whether your Pomeranian is … Proper Pomeranian Grooming | Pomeranian Information Center
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Photo provided by Flickris famous for his long coat and shaving it down actually does very little to cool off a dog
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The Pomeranian requires a fair amount of grooming. They are constant shedders and their long coats must be brushed frequently to keep them from getting tangled and matted. In addition, regular brushing helps prevent dandruff, which can be a problem with Pomeranians, and leads to itchy skin. However, if you brush the Pomeranian properly, starting at the head, parting the hair and brushing it forward, it will fall right into place. Pomeranians are very heavy shedders, so brushing them every day will also help you keep the hair at bay. Their eyes and ears should be cleaned daily, as they are prone to infections, and their teeth must be regularly cared for by the veterinarian, as well as receiving daily, or at least weekly, brushing at home. Feeding them dental treats and vitamin treats can help with their tooth problems, too.

When you need to shampoo your Pomeranian, dry shampoo works best, as regular shampoos can cause the dog to lose the natural oils in his coat. If you must shampoo with wet shampoo, keep shampooing to a minimum and be certain to use a mild shampoo especially formulated not to dry out the hair and skin. Since Pomeranians are prone to dry itchy skin, it's important to keep their natural oils intact.Clean hair grows and dirty hair breaks off. Regular bathing is also helpful in stopping many skin irritations from developing. As the Pomeranian is a double coated breed with a harsh textured coat, use a low-sudsing shampoo on your Pomeranian. The best results are obtained from bathing the show Pomeranians a day or two before a show. If your Pomeranian has the correct harsh, standoff, coat, bathing won’t soften it. On the other hand, if he has a softer textured coat than desired, you may achieve better results by bathing him 4 to 5 days before the show. It’s important to wash your dog often as dirt and dust are very drying and abrasive to a Pomeranian’s coat. Because of the drying qualities of talcum powder, this product should be used very sparingly on your Pomeranian.
Training your puppy to enjoy all this attention is very important. The Dochlaggie Pomeranians are groomed in front of a mirror. They just love looking at themselves being made beautiful. The added advantage is that I also get lots of practice setting up the dog and can easily check on how the Pomeranian is looking on the show side.