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Jun 28, 2016 - Best way to clean your dogs ears
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Adult Saint Bernards weigh anywhere from 125 pounds for females to more than 250 pounds for males. That’s a lot of dog to hold still if he doesn’t want any part of your ear-cleaning treatments. The best way to clean your dog’s ears is to get him used to the idea as a puppy. If that ship's already sailed, take your time, and pet your dog until he’s calm and relaxed. Lift and wipe the underside of the earflap while reassuring him, and gradually work your way to wiping the ear canal. Eventually, your Saint will understand that ear cleaning is not a death sentence.
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Ear cleaning for dogs does not have to be expensive or filled with harsh chemicals or soaps! The best natural way to clean dog’s ears is to use a cotton ball with one part vinegar one part water. Vinegar is made of acetic acid, which is effective in dissolving earwax and killing parasites and bacteria. NEVER use a Q-tip or any other object to clean the inside of dog’s ears! Best way to clean the ears of a Cocker Spaniel? : dogs - Reddit
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Cleaning your ’s ears require patience and consistency. You must establish this ear cleaning routine early on in your dog’s life so that it would not be as hard to teach him when he grows up. Here are some of the best ways to clean your dog’s flappy ears:One best way to clean dogs’ ears is to make ear inspections and examinations a part of your routine so you can earlier detect any signs of any ear infections and issues. The sooner you realize any issues your dog is dealing with, the better – you can also give relief to the dog’s discomfort sooner.When cleaning your dogs ears, it's best not to re-use a cotton wool ball or bud in your dog's other ear; throw it away after use to help stop cross infection from one ear to the other.What is the best way to prevent ear infections in dogs? The best way to prevent ear infections is to clean the ears regularly. Just like our underarms are prone to producing stinky bacteria if there is poor hygiene, dog ears will grow bacteria and yeast if they are not cleaned. At our Carmel pet clinic, I recommend the following steps to clean your dogs ears and prevent future ear infections.If cleaning your dog’s ears makes you uncomfortable, then you might find that the best way to clean dogs’ ears is to ask your veterinarian for assistance. Either the vet will give you lessons and tips that’ll make it easy for you to clean dogs’ ears without hurting the dog, or he will do it himself for a fee.The best way to clean your dog’s ears is to use cotton balls or Q-Tip swabs soaked in an ear cleaner purchased from the pet store. Wipe away the oil and waxy buildup in your pet’s ear, taking care not to clean in any area you can’t easily see so you don’t damage your dog’s ear drum. Let your dog shake off any excess moisture after cleaning. This helps prevent bacteria from growing in the damp areas of the ear canal.Although Papillons are not among the breeds most susceptible to ear infections, routine cleaning is the best way to ensure that your dog won’t suffer from this uncomfortable condition. An ideal time to clean your dog’s ears is either right before or immediately after his bath, but this should not be the only time you perform this important task. Ideally, you should clean your dog’s ears at least once a week.I used to have super athletic breeds and we walked in the woods 5 times a week and dogs went into the river at each walk; dogs were bathed after each walk to remove any parasites and ears were cleaned with the ACV/H2O/Isopropyl dilution. I now have lap dogs who specialize in eating and taking up as much room as possible on the couch! They do as your girl does; give a shake when they wake, and it seems the ones susceptible to funky/gunky ears all seem to get it on the ear/side of the head they sleep on. I find that they get the ear discharge for a number of reasons - seasons changing, wind direction changing bringing in new allergens, spring and fall mold blooms, feeding them bad human food. I have no problem with home remedy ear formulas for cleaning healthy ears but prefer Zymox Otic Hcl 1% that I buy online/Amazon for when I see an ear that is starting to turn pink. I use a holistic vet for dosing the acidophillus - some visits we dose PB8, some DDS w/FOS, some brands are from the local co-op. Unless you have a holistic vet [or someone that can help you use applied kinesiology] to determine which probotic is indicated for your particular pet at a particular time, your best bet is to buy one brand and dose that bottle until it is used up, and then buy one with completely different strains of bacteria and use that up and then buy another with completely different strains and so on. You want to rotate with several brands and strains rather than sticking to just one and you want to change it up every 3 weeks or so, not dose the same brand forever. I do know that when the probiotics start digesting the yeast in the GI tract that toxins are produced; supplementing with milk thistle may be indicted or other organ support remedies. I do dose milk thistle when indicated for 3 weeks or so; it is not a long term/forever supplement and using health supplements on a forever basis can cause them to be ineffective/develop resistance. It always seems that once I get the ears all nice and healthy something changes - the weather, they ate the wrong food, they were traumatized emotionally by the vacuum cleaner - and that small change can tip the scales to allow the yeast to once again gain the upper hand. You are never finished with dealing with yeast - it is an ongoing thing. So get the right remedies to have on hand and when you see the ear turn pink, act immediately and do not allow it to get worse by waiting-and-seeing. I do find treating the water helps - when I see not just one but all of them starting to have itchy skin or gunky ears then we all get the baking soda water and then a course of the borax water; I drink it as well as the dogs so I can get the health benefits too.