Big Dog Barking Sounds Wireless Car Horn

Our Big Dog Barking musical car horn will get everyone’s attention…we guaranteed it!
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Dog Barking Sound Effects - Noisy, Aggressive and Angry Big Dog Barks Loudly for 1 hour. Use this Sound Effect video / audio to deter intruders and protect ...
The big dog only barks and flops onto his butt, panting and happy.
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Free Version of Barking Dog App
Version 3.8 has Cat Sounds as well
- 28 different background dog images
- 9 different background cat images

Sound: In settings, (iPhone: Settings:Sounds) or (iPad: Settings/General/Sounds),make sure "Change with Buttons" is set to ON to allow buttons to control audio level and on/off function.

Make sure your iPhone hardware switch is NOT set to Vibrate and set your volume for desired level.... and enjoy!

16 different dog barking tracks including big dogs, angry dogs, single barks, growls, yelps and whines. Multiple sounds can be played simultaneously creating a chorus of dogs yapping and barking under your touch control.

Tap the "Stop" button to halt and clear playing of all Dog Bark Sounds

Tap the "Flip" button to rotate the screen display 180 degrees. This way the iPhone speakers are pointed away from you toward your canine friend.

Tap the "BG" AKA Background button to change the background images.

Use behind a closed door as a security measure.

Use it to play with your dog.

Great entertainment. The first time I ran the complete app, my daughter thought a dog had wandered into our back yard.

On 4" iPhones, all sounds buttons are displayed . On 3.5" iPhones, three of the dog sounds are accessed by tapping the dogs mouth, nose and forehead on the opening "Mean Dog" screen. On the alternate background screens the bonus sounds are activated by tapping similar spatial locations on the screen that may not line up with the Dog's mouth, nose and forehead. PetSafe Big Dog Rechargeable Bark Control Collar - PBC17-13465 #BarkControlCollar #BarkCollar
Photo provided by FlickrTwo big dog barking in city park
Photo provided by FlickrFrequent Barking from a Big Dog
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A: Dogs who bark excessively can cause big problems for owners, but even though it may seem completely out of control, this behavior can be modified to a bearable level. Sometimes barking dogs can cause such distress that people resort to having the dog’s vocal chords surgically removed, but I’m glad that you find that idea appalling, because most trainers and veterinarians would advise against taking such a drastic measure. Debarking can cause immense anxiety, as it takes away an important part of the dog’s ability to communicate. I do recommend, however, that you take your dog to the veterinarian for a thorough medical check up, since any extreme behavior can be exacerbated by a medical condition. This stereotype is particularly exasperating. Though it's true that some breeds of dog tend to vocalize more than others, not all of them are small breeds. Big and small dogs both bark in order to communicate or get a response. A barking dog may be bored (exercise it!) or lonely (play with it!). There may be a sound the dog responds to, or it may be frustrated or afraid. Looking for the cause of the barking can help reduce or eliminate the problem. Most of all, it’s so important to be considerate of our small dogs. Even though their cowering might not be as big and their barks as loud, it’s still absolutely imperative to consider their environment. In order for a small dog to productively exist in their world, they need to feel comfortable. The only way to ensure that their environment is comfortable is to hire their number one advocate to do the job—and that’s you! People often have strong opinions about what size dog best suits them. Some prefer small dogs because they’re more likely to be welcome everywhere, especially when traveling, while others gravitate to large dogs because they associate them with fun and friendliness, as well as kids and families. Sizebased biases are also common, and sad to say, I’ve heard a number of derogatory terms for both small and large dogs. And anyone with big dogs knows that people sometimes fear them even when their behavior is exemplary and a small dog is present whose behavior is not. One Bark reader implored me, “Don’t forget to cover that big dog stigma!”