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So, first off, I am new to the forum. I am going to start a 35 pound beagle (he’s big for his breed, not fat -_-), who is 9, on joint supplements. I want to dose everything like RescueDaneMom has. How do I figure out the dosages of glucosamine hcl, chondroitin, and msm for my dog?
He isnt severely arthritic, but his joints are starting to pop here and there.
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I’ve been wanting a joint supplement that is more cost effective for my big dog. Dasuquin costs me about $50/month. For the last 3 weeks, Max has been on a combination of products from Swansons. I am now giving him 4 separate products that equate to the ingredients of Dasuquin. I have him on: 1500mg Glucosamine HCL (3 tabs), 1500mg MSM (2 tabs), 600mg Chondroitin Sulfate (2 caps), and 300mg maximum strength Avovida/ASU (1 cap). It’s more work but the price is SO much better! Now it’s costing me about $24/month. His joints are good, no popping. I wanted to share this revelation of mine with others that might have large dogs that are looking for a more cost-effective way to manage joint health. Does anyone know of other good cost-effective joint products for large dogs? BIG DOG SUPPLEMENTS
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Find information about Big Dog Supplements customer service. It's easy to find phone numbers, opening hours and reviews for Big Dog Supplements customer service and support.Wendy (below)... feed your dog grain free. Dogs develop joint issues from a number of reasons, including genetics, but some dogs can sustain better joint health longer with a better diet. Our mixed breed dog that we adopted (I think he's part Chow), was so lazy we thought. She also had difficulty with the stairs, we didn't think too much about it, thought it was her old age.

We tried joint supplements, chews and things of that sort, can't remember the brand at the moment.... didn't get astounding results, then we tried a liquid joint supplement with glucosamine, chondroitin and MSM, called Regenex-- its a large green bottle. Got good results from that, really improved her mobility.

As for food, we switched to a grain-free raw, dehydrated food called FullLife. We give her the Turkey diet. We noticed the biggest improvement to her energy levels when we switched the food. We were feeding Solid Gold previously, which we thought was good, but FullLife made a huge difference. Not sure if it's the raw or the grain-free component, or both. Anyway, I would recommend switching to that food, it's top notch.Big Dog Supplements is your source for discounted bodybuilding supplements. We have a huge selection of supplements and a great community to stay motivated.LEAN FOR SUMMER STACK

1x PHD (any flavour)
1x reflex CLA
1x shaker £44.99 for all 3


If you have a big dog and/or an older dog, it will usually experience the need for joint support. Start early introducing a pet joint supplement for dogs, and don’t wait for the problems to occur. Give them the nutrients they need now to help prevent this painful experience as long as possible.For larger dogs, Nutramax Dasuquin is the obvious choice as each tablet provides a bigger dose of each ingredient. The supplement also includes ASU, which isn’t present in the other options.