Big dogs have really big hearts

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We have BIG hearts for BIG dogs all over South Florida. We are a not for profit 501(c)(3) organization determined to make a difference. We rescue, rehabilitate, and rehome large dogs. We have a special interest in Pit Bulls and Pit Bull type dogs as they are the most neglected and misunderstood breed. We aim to change public perception, educate the community, and spread awareness about the breed.
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To all those who have never had a big dog or fear their huge presence, get to know them! They are the most loving creatures and wonderful companions. Big dogs have big hearts, and with the proper training, you can have a beautiful big pet. - Big Dogs Have Big Hearts | Facebook
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I have never known such devotion as when I met my friend’s Newfoundlander. What a huge dog! His webbed feet made him a champion swimmer, and his heart was as big as his body. My neighbour had loving but active children, and this lovely Newfoundlander acted as Nana the dog did in Peter Pan, mothering these children. I had a lovely Border Collie/German Sheppard of a friend who always herded me to play with her. Her memory was incredible and could learn just about any command you taught her in such a short period of time. Good owners help aggressive or scared big dogs turn into good dogs. Persistence, determination, and patience are the three key points into raising a good big dog.HELP HOMELESS DOGS! You still have 6 days to BUY yours!!! We reached our goal so now these awesome shirts are available for purchase! ALL proceeds will go to Big Hearts for Big Dogs Rescue!!! Pitty Moms supporting BHBD Rescue! | TeespringIf you love big dogs but cannot house one due to small living quarters, volunteer! These big pets needing homes need people to walk them and talk about them to their friends. They need to be walked in the community so random people will fall in love with their big heart and big personality. In turn, you get exercise, learn more about your community, and meet a lot of passionate people with a lot of interest in animals. It certainly does help if you have a vet friend or technician to learn from!If you have any questions about fostering or want to talk to a foster within the group about their experience, please don’t hesitate to email us at . To fill out an application to foster for Little Dogs Big Hearts Rescue, please click ."Big dogs have big hearts and lots of unconditional love to give. In addition, adopters have the satisfaction of knowing that by adopting a big dog, they helped another needy dog who was waiting for our help."