Images of the historical German Shepherd Dog Blitz SHSB 8215

The blitz began with the
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On Saturday, June 17, LCC Kare 9 Military Ministry Dogs Brutus, Flex, and Blitz participated in the monthly Vet Chat at Apostolic Church of God in Chicago, Illinois. This month's topic was post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) and how it has affected veterans. After each of the approximately forty people present introduced themselves and shared their military experience, some volunteered to speak about their battle with PTSD. During this emotional process, the Kare 9s were able to offer their special brand of mercy and compassion. After the session, the attendees took the opportunity to greet and love the Kare 9s.
Mr wade.That game last year where Khalil Mack sacked your qb 5 times…….Was that a dog or a blitz???
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This puzzling national moment, which dispatched a quarter of England’s pet population, is the titular event of Hilda Kean’s “The Great Cat and Dog Massacre.” Amid protests from government officials and animal charities, and despite the absence of any attack on British soil (the Blitz would not begin until 1940), an estimated 400,000 pets were killed in that first, silent week of war. Rest in peace, Blitz. You were better than most dogs, and most people, too.
Photo provided by FlickrBlitz, the pitbull is wearing dog booties to prevent season allergies and itching
Photo provided by FlickrThe Magnificent Seven: Hero dogs that saved hundreds during the Blitz are honoured
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Before I got Blitz, I was pretty much home bound. I had 14 spinal cord surgeries due to a disease in my spine associated with my service in the military ( 1984-1992 ) I have roughly 26 inches of steel rod in my spine and I can’t bend. Getting down to the floor/ground is dangerous as I may not get back up. Additionally I was having difficulty breathing and suffered from pulmonary syncope resulting in me passing out from low oxygen saturation. Traveling was difficult, if not impossible without Blitz. I wanted to travel to the Cleveland Clinic for treatment and now with Blitz I am doing just that quarterly and more. I take 500 or more mile trips with Blitz all the time. He flies and or drives with me. Blitz has given me my life back. He wears a vest with pouches to carry my meds and or extra supplies. The biggest thing for me is that due to Blitz I can go to my children’s events, from basketball games to soccer, to football games. Beyond that Blitz is now one of my best friends second only to my wife. Blitz loves me so much he cries if I leave him or try to leave without him. We are literally inseperable. Blitz was given to me by Smoky Mountain Service Dogs in Lenoir City, Tn. Heather Wilkerson & Susan Shemwell trained Blitz along with many volunteers. He is so much like a person due to his ability that I tell people the only thing that keeps him from driving me home is opposable thumbs. Blitz is the real Deal. The best of the best. I hope You think so too.After Holly Farms owners’ retirement, she became certified as a veterinary technician, and then joined Rockhill Veterinary Associates as principal groomer, while continuing to compete in obedience and breed handling competition on weekends. As if this wasn’t enough to keep one person busy, she simultaneously was hired to become the only groomer for New Jersey’s Professional Canine Center. Here she was exposed to K-9 Cross Training and immediately became enthralled with the avenues for advancing her education. The skills she developed during her years at the Academy in both basic and advanced obedience did not go unnoticed by her Master Trainer who assigned her full responsibility for training estate guardians and security dogs offered for sale, as well as those dogs whose job it would be to detect narcotics for law enforcement. Here too is where her interest in the canine discipline of Schutzhund—often referred to as the ultimate sport—and especially tracking, began. She was bitten by the canine career “bug” that morphed into five years of multi-faceted hands on training and employment that was to set the cornerstone for the foundation of Blitz Pet Professionals, named in honor of Blitzen, owned and trained by Sondra to become the first and perhaps only German Shorthair to earn a Schutzhund Level 1 title. Today she can often be seen at regional and national level Schutzhund trials competing with a variety of breeds currently including a Belgian Malinois, German Shepherd Dog and an American Bulldog.Blitz is Emilys dog. He was handed to the police and seized as 'type' after getting out of his garden on the 7th February 2015. It has taken several months to get a court date and yesterday, 3rd July, the court stated that he would be put to sleep and his family have 21 days to appeal this decision. Blitz is 17 months old, is soft as a brush wouldn't hurt a fly and as expected is playful and boisterous for his age. The reason stated for putting him to sleep is he got out of the garden. The police have not assessed the garden. Blitz is a family dog who has been in kennels now for five months and should be with his family, he is just a baby, please support Emily and his family to get him home. Emily is going to contact DDA watch and do everything she can to get her boy home.

We are appealing to Sheffield Magistrates Court to let Blitz live and return to his happy family home as he has done nothing wrong.My Name is Dianna Edelman, I have always been someone who helps others, which is why I entered into the field of nursing. Later, I became a mother and chose to stay home so that I could care for my three children. Over the years I have been the proud owner of many different breeds of dogs, such as a Miniature Schnauzer, a Golden Retriever, A Huskie and three German Shepherds. During those years I had great success training all of the family dogs myself. Recently, I became the owner of an highly territorial, aggressive, nervous German Shepard puppy named Bella. It was during this time, three and half years ago, I came to the realization that my traditional training methods were not sufficient to handle Bella. So I sought out professional assistance by contacting Sondra Rolison, owner and Head Trainer of Blitz Pet Professionals.