Blue Buffalo Chicken & Brown Rice Adult Dog Food

Is Blue Buffalo Dog Food is Killing your Dog?My two girls ate Blue Buffalo Dry Food and they died.
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has anyone heard about their new prescription food?
i know their food is bad, but if i had to put my dog on a prescription food (emphasis on had) i would definitely choose blue buffalo prescription diet over royal canin, purina, iams, and proplan
Blue Buffalo Chicken & Brown Rice Senior Dog Food
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I came across Blue Buffalo chicken and rice formula (blue bag) for my senior Maltese around November '16 upon recommendations. My maltese was a perfectly healthy dog who had no issues transitioning to any food... My beloved 13lb boy started throwing up with diarrhea, refusing to eat anything drinking tons of water... His stomach symptoms worsened despite throwing away the food immediately and taking him to the vet. High liver levels, rapid weight loss, vomiting, trembling, unexplained seizures that would come at night (died out after the food was completely out of the system). He was so emaciated we could not do any invasive testing and had to rely on medication based on an educated guess of what was going on. The Blue Buffalo Basics Grain Free product line includes 6 dry dog foods.
Photo provided by FlickrBlue Buffalo Blue’s Stews Dog Food receives the Advisor’s top rating of 5 stars.
Photo provided by FlickrThe Blue Buffalo Blue’s Stews product line includes six canned dog foods.
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I have two dogs both are severely ill from the food. Symptoms lethargic, bloody diarrhea, vomiting. I called the pet store they had no idea of any recalls. Blue Buffalo needs to communicate recalls to the stores so they pull the product (Blue Buffalo Wilderness and Blue Basic soft food). Stores. This is issue has caused high veterinary bills to stabilize my two dogs' health. One of my dogs is still passing blood every couple hours. Clearly there is an issue with the product.I have 3 dogs 2 bullies and a pit/lab mix. My lab/pit is 8 1/2 years old and has the beginning stages of arthritis... I started giving her something for it as well as multivitamins, brushing bones for her teeth and fresh breath tablets. While on my monthly trip to Petco on Friday June 2nd for these things I asked a woman a question about salmon versus omega-3 pills. She told me if I fed them Blue Buffalo I wouldn't need to buy all those things because it has it in there already so it would save me money. She was very persistent on selling the food. I said I would try a small bag (at $33) first to see if they liked it. She came with the 22 lb bag (at $58). I said "maybe I should wait" but she insisted I try it now stating "try it for a couple days, if your dogs absolutely do not like it you can bring it back". The doctors could not make out what made him so sick, since ultrasound, x-ray, all came normal and it only could be guessed as a severe inflammation of small intestines. I had to put him down 3 weeks ago on May 19th. He was a perfectly healthy dog with NO HEALTH ISSUES. Not even teeth, skin, nothing. I was told by the blue buffalo rep that they make their foods with all natural, high quality ingredients and I came across with all these posts with dedicated owners losing their beloved pets due to this piece of crap. I hope this company shuts down. Terrible!My dog has been on this dry food for several years. Bought a new bag yesterday and within an hour of eating the first meal from it became severely ill. Diarrhea and severe vomiting and crying as she vomited. I liken it to a bad case of food poisoning. Will return the bag today and switch her to something else. She was not ill or had any symptoms prior to eating. I will report to Blue Buffalo. Either a tainted batch or possible change in recipe?