The Blue Buffalo Basics product line lists 7 dry dog foods.

The Blue Buffalo Freedom Grain Free product line includes 12 dry dog foods.
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All BLUE dog and cat dry foods contain LifeSource Bits, a precise blend of vitamins, minerals and antioxidants selected by holistic veterinarians and animal nutritionists. And now we’ve enhanced LifeSource Bits in our BLUE Life Protection Formula for dogs and BLUE for Cats dry food with our Super 7 package of powerful antioxidant-rich ingredients. "Cold-formed" to retain their potency, the ingredients in LifeSource Bits support:
The Blue Buffalo Family Favorites product line includes six canned dog foods.
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Life Source bits is a listed ingredient on this dog food. The last 20 bags of dog food I purchased had less and less of these bits. I called this in to Blue Buffalo so they would be aware of production problems. I was treated VERY rudely and the customer service rep refused to take the information for the code on the bag. Now there are NO life source bits in this dog food. Last 2 bags I purchased had NO life source bits. AAFCO gives their approval based on the INGREDIENTS contained within dog foods. Blue Buffalo needs to stand up and take care of this. AND I want my money back. The store I bought it at said they could not refund my money. The Blue Buffalo Wilderness product line includes nine canned dog foods.
Photo provided by FlickrThe Blue Buffalo Blue’s Stews product line includes six canned dog foods.
Photo provided by FlickrThe Blue Buffalo Freedom product line includes six canned dog foods.
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Dogs hold a unique place in our hearts as well as our homes. Whether we enjoy them as members of the family, service and support animals, guardians of our security, partners in working livestock, or outdoor sporting competitors, they are our special companions. At Blue Seal, we deliver quality foods that adhere to the highest standards of pet nutrition that not only match their stage of life, but the activities they enjoy. My 13yo, 15 lb Schnoodle was recently euthanized from osteosarcoma. I switched him over to Blue Buffalo Freedom Grain Free Adult in September of last year. I thought the life bits and non gluten would be good for him. He was using their other gluten free product. He had always been very active, so I thought he was just getting arthritis. Then he started limping. Then the bone cancer diagnosis that only affects 10,000 dogs/year and 95% large dogs. (My dog was in the 500 dogs/yr category.) I looked online to see if this dog food is known to cause osteosarcoma, and I see that they just donated $6 million to study it. I also saw other food health issues. Knowing no data was collected for this disease with my dog, I wanted it here, in case someone else has a dog on the gluten free foods and develops osteosarcoma.The doctors could not make out what made him so sick, since ultrasound, x-ray, all came normal and it only could be guessed as a severe inflammation of small intestines. I had to put him down 3 weeks ago on May 19th. He was a perfectly healthy dog with NO HEALTH ISSUES. Not even teeth, skin, nothing. I was told by the blue buffalo rep that they make their foods with all natural, high quality ingredients and I came across with all these posts with dedicated owners losing their beloved pets due to this piece of crap. I hope this company shuts down. Terrible!ANI markets pet food under -- brands including VitaBone, AttaBoy! and SupremeSource. But its main business is manufacturing pet food for . According to Blue Buffalo, ANI had received a batch of rice protein from Wilbur-Ellis that had been tainted with a chemical known as melamine. When ANI assembled all of its ingredients for Blue Buffalo foods and began stamping out cans of cat and dog food, this melamine ended up in the mixture.A nasty lawsuit between Blue Buffalo and Purina lays bare a host of problems that experts say are common throughout the pet food industry. Purina is a $12 billion gorilla in the dog and cat food market, second only to Mars. In May 2014, it sued Blue Buffalo, alleging persistent false advertising in which the smaller company claimed to be nutritionally superior to "big name" dog foods and free of gross-sounding ingredients like "animal byproducts" -- animal parts that humans don't generally like to eat, including chicken feet, necks and intestines. Purina claimed an independent analysis showed the presence of high amounts of poultry byproducts in Blue Buffalo food. It’s an exciting time as we watch our dogs fully develop, both in body and personality. All BLUE Adult foods and treats are formulated with your dog’s health and vitality in mind. Each recipe starts with real meat, plus wholesome veggies and fruit. And like all BLUE foods, we never use any chicken (or poultry) by-product meals, no corn, wheat or soy and no artificial colors, flavors or preservatives.