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Dog Boarding In Boca Raton by Dogstown University Inc
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It's not easy to leave your lovable pet behind when you go vacation, but we can change that. We're 5 Paw Pets and our boarding kennel in Boca Raton allows your dog to be with a dedicated sitter in your home or ours. We only board 1 pet at a time, unless you approve of another pet, so we can eliminate the risk of your pet coming back sick or with fleas or ticks. Can you say the same for traditional kennels and boarding facilities? Our sitters are professional, reliable and responsible, and they will be there to take care of your dog when you need them. At 5 Paw Pets pet care services, our team treats every animal in their care with affection and attention. You no longer have to worry about leaving your dog home alone for long periods of time. We will make sure that they are happy, safe and cared for. Whether you need us for just a few hours, overnight or longer, we will accommodate your needs. We give your dog all the time, love and play time that you would.

At 5 Paw Pets pet care services you can rely on us to make sure your dog that you entrusted to our care is given our special "5-Star" pet care treatment. Next time you need to board your dog trust the professional and caring people at 5 Paw Pets as your Boarding Kennel Boca Raton choice.

5 Paw Pets has an array of pet services to offer and customize to your pet's needs including
professional pet sitter, dog walker, vacation pet care, pet nanny, overnight pet sitter, doggie
day care, pet taxi driver and other pet care related needs.

Give us a call and ask about our free consultation.
*Will we not take any dogs for boarding if a storm is projected to hit the Boca Raton/Delray Beach area
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When you bring your dog for Boca Raton dog daycare or boarding, he’ll be introduced to the other dogs his size and taken on a tour of our campus with you. He’ll be introduced to our comfortable indoor and outdoor doggy playgrounds that include artificial grass playgrounds with water misting systems to keep him cool. He’ll see all the doggy tunnels where he can hide and play and the wading pools he can enjoy while cooling off. Dog Boarding in Hamptons at Boca Raton, FL
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in the Boca Raton area located in Deerfield Beach gives your dog the safe, clean and supervised fun boarding experience that the pickiest of dog parents can ask for. Dogstown University has set a standard for pet care that you will appreciate. A family owned and operated doggie daycare and dog and cat boarding facility that lets you watch all the doggie daycare action on high definition smart phone cameras. Your dog will always be in the palm of your hands while you are at work or on vacation. You are always welcome to come and visit us in Deerfield Beach just south of Boca Raton and just east of Coconut Creek and Parkland Florida. If you are a canine lover and have a dog or a puppy at home and want to find out any information about puppy training and or proper socialization we are a phone call away. Getting your new dog or puppy introduced to your environment at home is a very important part of making your new canine feel comfortable at his or her new forever home. We have been open for nine years and keep raising the bar for pet care and doggie daycare in the South Florida area. See for yourself why everyone gives Dogstown University 5 star reviews on Google.When you bring your dog or cat to Dogstown University for Boca Raton pet boarding, you know you can relax and enjoy your trip. There’s no reason to worry about your pet because he will be safe and sound in an environment made especially for pets. You will find that we have special rooms where your dog or cat can nap or play with other pets his own size. After all, you wouldn’t want a Great Dane in the same room with a Chihuahua. That would never happen when you bring your dog for doggie daycare or pet boarding in Deerfield Beach.What do you do if you get called out of town on an emergency and you have no one to ? Or what if your boss wants you to cover an out of town meeting for him and your neighbors who generally take care of your dogs are away on a family vacation? What you need is Boca Raton pet boarding by the expert staff at Dogstown University. You can bring your pets in to us and we’ll be happy to take great care of them while you’re out of town.I have always felt a strong bond with animals. Since I was a child, I always have had pets and grew up having large dogs within my household so I am willing to walk dogs in all shapes and sizes regardless of their breed.
I live in a 4 bedroom house in Boca Raton, FL with one friendly black lab, and 3 bunnies named Posh, Pure, and Pyra. The rabbits live in my studio room, which no other animals have access to so I am able to board all types of pets without issues. My house has a fenced yard with plenty of grassy space for your pets to play in if they need to board. The neighborhood has a very large park and brand new sidewalks lining both sides of the street which I will be bringing your pet(s) to everyday. I love to take long walks, and am a quick walker so I can keep up with fast, lively animals if necessary. I am very reliable and always on time. I am qualified to administer oral medication and can provide any other needs your pet might have! I will send you photos so you know that your loving companion is safe!
I am 25, and graduated from FAU a year ago. I started a home business so my hours are flexible. I choose to participate in this app in order to have an extra income while being around beings that I love. Would love to meet your adorable furry companions!