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You're shooting for love between your boxer and cat, but you can settle for tolerance. Build on good experiences and always try to end play dates on positive notes. Expand sessions and loosen restrains before giving both animals free rein (and perhaps reign) of the house. If you've got a dog and a cat at home you're in good company. Forty-four percent of Americans have multipet homes, according to the American Veterinary Medical Association, and the most common combination includes dogs and cats.
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Boxers are friendly and pleasant dogs. If socialized properly, this breed is a joy to have around children, and can get along well with other animals—even cats. However, without socialization and training, a Boxer will instinctively chase smaller animals that he may view as "prey," even if that animal happens to be the family cat. Houston Boxer Rescue has dogs, puppies, cats, and kittens for adoption. Adopt a pet in Houston, TX.
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Usually when you think of a dog and a cat an immediate sense of rivalry comes to mind. However, is it necessarily true? Do all dogs have an instant urge to chase down a cat when they see one? Generally speaking, the answer would be yes even for the sweet and loving boxer. Most dogs do enjoy to chase cats around.If you own a boxer yourself then you must have already realized that while playing with your boxer, if you start running your boxer will begin to chase you without you calling for him. So it’s not that boxers dislike cats it’s just that they were originally bred as hunting dogs, just as many dog breeds out there, and are instinctively inclined to chase down other animals that are running away.So it’s understandable why cats would run off when they see a boxer dog nearby, but why do dogs chase after them? Well simply put, it’s because the cat is running away and dogs were bred to chase things down. Dogs will chase pretty much anything that is running away from them, and boxer dogs are no different. If a boxer sees a squirrel running away from him he will try to chase it down just as he would try to get the cat.I am considering adopting an eight- month-old boxer pup from my neighbor. He has five of them and tells me that the others pick on this little girl. She seems very sweet, but I also have four smaller dogs and two cats. I want to acclimate them slowly to one another with daily visits to our house. We also have a six-year-old little girl whom I suspect the dog will love. She was very gentle with her today upon the first meeting.
My big concern is the cats. Whereas they seem to run the house with our other dogs, I get concerned because the boxer is a medium-size girl. I don’t want any of our pets to feel frightened or pushed aside. We recently lost our Goldren Retrever is 10 years to cancer, and with this new dog being the runt and the low many on the totem pole with her parents and siblings, I feel bad for her. Any suggestions on a quick acclimation with both our smaller dogs as well as the two cats?
KimThree months of only three dogs was all we could take. In March of 2009, we adopted a four month old, white, deaf Boxer we named Albus because my wife is a Harry Potter fan and Albus is Latin for white. He wasn’t all that much bigger than the cats when he came here and quickly became the seventh kitten.Boxer puppies are generally amiable dogs -- they like most everyone they meet, including cats and other dogs. The cat might not be so friendly. The boxer's affable nature and enthusiasm could lead to an acrimonious encounter with any unfamiliar cat, who could scare or injure the puppy, if not the other way around. The best way to ensure your boxer puppy and your cat like each other is to help them meet under optimal conditions.