hamilton 3/8 inch x 26 inch round braided choke nylon dog collar, red

$6.33-$4.72 Hamilton 5/16-inch by 18-inch Round Braided Nylon Choke Dog Collar, Hot Pink, 828 HP
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Braided nylon choke dog collar for ultimate control with comfort for your pet
Made of the highest quality nylon materials.
Designed with a simple two ring system
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Hamilton 5/16-inch by 16-inch Round Braided Nylon Choke Dog Collar, Black, 827 BK
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When choosing a synthetic collar, you want to get an idea of the durability of the materials used by the manufacturer. Braided nylon and polyester are strong, but you can tell just how strong if the vendor mentions a "heavy braid" or that the collar is machine washable. Some manufacturers use a rope braid that is strong enough for climbing. Since many synthetic collars feature prints, you want to be sure the collar is colorfast. Dye-sublimated polyester offers machine washable color-fast quality. Braided nylon where the weave is made of separate colored strands will also keep its look. The weaving of these braids also allows manufacturers to include strands of reflective material in the collars, which is a great option for dogs that spend a lot of time outdoors. Other synthetic applications can produce a flexible rubber-like polymer that is used to create waterproof and even anti-microbial (anti-stink!) collars. Hamilton 5/16-inch by 16-inch Round Braided Nylon Choke Dog Collar, Purple, 827 PU
Photo provided by Flickrhamilton 826 pu 5/16-inch by 14-inch round braided choke nylon dog collar, purple
Photo provided by FlickrHamilton 3/16 inch x 14 inch Round Braided Choke Nylon Dog Collar Blue (825 BL)
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Soft Lines flat weave and round solid braided slip collars for Dogs (sometimes referred to as Choke Collars or Control Collars) are made from multi-filament polypropylene rope making these dog slip collars extremely soft and more flexible than Nylon slip collars, and have a great feel. Multi-filament polypropylene slip collars are water resistant and will not rot or mildew. Along with its high yield strength, the rope has just the right amount of stretch woven into it as your dogs exerts pressure and will not bind on your dogs neck."Poppies" by Hamilton Premium Flat Braided Nylon collars for small dogs, puppies and ferrets. 5/8" x 14-18". Available in a variety of bold colors."Poppies" by Hamilton Premium Flat Braided Nylon collars for puppies, small dogs and ferrets. 3/8" x 10" thru 14". Available in a variety of bold colors.Braided Nylon Slip Dog Collars are fine-quality nylon slip dog collars are available in black or red. The slip collars are handmade so they can vary in measurements by up to an 1/4". Each Braided Nylon Slip Dog Collar is available in 10" to 30" even sizes, measured from ring to ring.A braided dog leash, or rope leash, is a great choice for any dog. Our catalog includes a variety of styles, colors, and sizes to choose from. Each of these options comes with its own benefits, and it’s important to choose a leash that will fit your dog’s lifestyle. With each leash design comes a different, very important, function. For guidance as to which braided nylon dog leash is right for your dog, check out our buyer’s guide below.Hamilton 5/16-inch by 16-inch round braided nylon choke dog collar, purple, 827 PU. Is constructed with custom dyed webbing to reduce fading and bleeding.