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Treats through interaction: The Buster Cube is one toy that is ideal for blind dogs.
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We've been getting daily e-mails from Dogster about great food dispensing toys. We recieved the e-mails about three toys: The Kong, Buster Cube and Tug-A-Jug. We already own a Kong, but are looking in to getting a Buster Cube or Tug-A-Jug. They seem like great products! However, we'd just like to hear from some people who have one of these toys for their dog. Is it safe? Does your dog like it? Thanks!
Smarter Toys make dogs work for their food which provides healthy mental and physical stimulation. The Buster Food cube is the gen
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The Background - Why a Buster Cube is useful
Buster Cubes aim to combine feeding and play in an interactive way, while mentally stimulating and increasing the dexterity of dogs and cats. Both canine and feline obesity are rising at an alarming rate, and these toys provide an aid to the owner to manage at least part of the dry feed diet not in a bowl. The Buster Balls and Cubes have different levels of difficulty, and the mental stimulation they create provides an increased level of exercise in combination with a normal walk. They can assist in the reduction of separation anxiety and enrich a pet's lifestyle by means of positive stimulation.
The range includes the Catmosphere, which is a weighted clear ball so cats can see the food, and by making the ball roll, they are rewarded with a piece of dry food being dispensed.
For dogs, the catmosphere is great for puppies to start with, they will then progress to the Buster Soft Cube, which delivers food every one in six rolls.
This Item
This item is the Buster Cube with Matrix, which has internal paddles so there's only a one in 36 chance of being rewarded. By making the animals work harder for their food, you are stimulating them in a positive way increasing their enjoyment, reducing obesity and it's also great fun to watch. Smarter Toys make dogs work for their food which provides healthy mental and physical stimulation. The Buster Food cube is the gen
Photo provided by FlickrSmarter Toys make dogs work for their food which provides healthy mental and physical stimulation. The Buster Food cube is the gen
Photo provided by Flickrpopular Buster Cube for dogs that need something a bit more challenging.
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This toy requires the dog to use his nose and paws to move and turn the cube in order to get the food out. It can be very difficult for some dogs to use, especially when carpet is not available. If your smarty dog is able to figure it out, there is also an option to increase the level of difficulty of this toy! The Buster Cube comes in small and large, and is available in some pet supply stores, department stores and online. When properly sized, this toy is very durable, but can be difficult to clean.Some of the toys in this category are made of hard plastic, while others are made of soft rubber. You should take into account whether you and your dog are bothered by noise. For instance, one of my dogs, who absolutely loves nudge-and-chase food puzzles did not care for the Buster Food Cube at all: unless you have low-pile carpet or rubber flooring, it is both very loud and quite difficult to move or tip over on hardwood floors.We all know that bored dogs are much more likely to engage in destructive behavior when left alone than dogs that are mentally stimulated, exercised, and challenged. The Buster Cube helps prevent unwanted behavior in the home, by becoming a healthy outlet for your dog’s instinct and energy.For more info:

The Buster Food Cube has been recommended by leading dog trainers and behaviorist. The Buster Food Cube is a great way to keep your dog active through play and exercise. You place a treat within the Buster Food Cube and dogs have to work to earn their treats. Mini-Cube is perfect for dogs up to 20lbs and the regular size Cube is great for dogs 21lbs and up.The theory is valid; dogs who are kept mentally active through basic training classes and more advanced problem-solving challenges are almost invariably better behaved than their bored and frustrated canine brethren, even those who are given ample physical exercise. (See “Getting Beyond the Basics,” this issue) But we found the Buster Cube to be a creative but unfortunately largely unsuccessful approach to accomplishing this purpose.The Buster Cube is a plastic square toy that has a maze inside. The Buster Cube comes in different sizes to accommodate different sized dogs. The idea behind the cube is to keep your dogs mind active by offering a puzzle and by solving the puzzle your dog will get a reward. Simply take the cube and put your dogs dry kibble into the hole and as it fills shake the cube to move the kibble from the hole into the maze inside the cube. I usually put about two cups for my dogs which takes the place of a meal. Once the Buster Cube is full you can set the cube for easy or hard depending on how well your dog knows the cube. In the beginning easy is best. Place the cube on the ground with your dog and roll it. As the cube rolls it will dispense some of the food. Once your dog knows all it needs to do is keep it rolling to get a treat they will be knocking the cube around until it’s empty. This is one way to keep your dogs mind active and focused on something other than that couch cushion. If you’re not sure where to get a Buster Cube check out the link below and pick one up from Amazon.