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Feeding my pet food with natural ingredients is as valuable as I can afford. We buy them Canidae coz it seems to be a fairly good value. It's a little more expensive than some food but there's no fillers and stuff like that. I would buy them the most expensive food if I could. Right now I have an American bulldog and a little pug and they were gassy boys and so I started buying the chicken but they were still getting a lot of gas so we switched to the lamb and rice, and it seems to work really well. I have been using Canidae for at least six years and my dogs love it.
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I’ve been buying Canidae grain free dog food for the last month and notice the salmon food smells really bad; the duck brand also began to smell very and now my dog won’t eat it. I was feeling her Natural Balance before (potato & duck) and someone told me the quality had gone down. Never had dry dog food smell this bad. Buy Canidae Lamb & Rice Canned Dog Food - Free Shipping
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I've been buying Canidae for my pet for two years now and mostly because of the ingredients and smaller-sized kibble. I have a three-year-old English Bulldog. She's super tiny and was born with a birth defect. She is really like the size of a Frenchie, and I needed smaller kibble for her because she has a lot of health issues for being born different. She was born without a butthole, and so we had to build her one. I purchased the Life Stages product of Canidae because Bulldogs have a lot of allergies. I was staying away from the grains and away from any of the fowl so I only feed that kind of dog food product to my other dogs as well.Someone recommended Canidae when I asked at the pet food store. I've been using Platinum for my dog and Life Stages for my cats for at least four years now. I buy it because it's not a lot of grain. Also, I like the saving the UPC program, as I get a free bag here and there. It's a good deal. I'd recommend Canidae.I recently found out that Canidae does offer a program that when I buy 11 or 12 bags, I get one free. They also have the breeder and the rescue group program that I was just told about and that I’m going to get involved with. It’s super helpful to me because I have nine dogs at my house, just feeding that many is a lot. It's helpful now that I can pass on the information to other potential adopters and say that they have this program if other people want to buy their food. Not all dog foods have that so that’s important to me.I've been purchasing Canidae Pet Foods for four years because a pet food store recommended it as one that had none of the gross stuff in it. I have two dogs and they are from the shelters. They're sweet little babies and they are both 70 pounds but we don't know what they are. We give them Life Stages because we knew they were younger and we just didn't want to have to switch dog foods throughout their life because it's something we can just keep forever. It messes with their bellies and then they poop on your floor and no one wants that. It's very valuable to feed them with natural ingredients so we picked Canidae and that's mostly what they eat. Also, I really like getting the free bag every 12 bags. The pet food store we buy from would take the labels and give us their free one.Henry is a beagle and he’s four. He was showing signs of being allergic to chicken so I wanted him to go on a lamb diet. And then in the process of trying to find a lamb diet for him, I came across Canidae wherein I bought their regular lamb and rice in the brown bag. I liked that he's eating lamb, it’s grain-free and more easily digestible so that's good for him. My dog loves it and has been eating it for three and a half years. He's always happy when I put down the bowl. He's not one of the beagles that you put down the food and he's ravenous and inhales everything in two seconds. He grazes throughout the day but he's never turned his nose up at it so I'm happy with that. I also really liked the program where after you buy a certain number of bags, you get a bag free.I’ve been feeding my mixed breed dog with All Life Stages Canidae. It was the recommendation and the choice at our local dog food store. It is very valuable to feed my pet natural ingredients. My dog is a happy dog, has a nice coat because of his food and has very few (if any) health related issues. I like that you get a free bag when you buy 12 bags. In the 9 years that I’ve been purchasing Canidae, the quality is consistent and has evidently an appealing taste that the dog is always hungry for it.