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So, I figured I would ask – what do you all give to your dogs (if anything) for the ailments in the topic? When we got Bruno they told us that Trifexis was the most complete pill, for all them worms (treats and prevents), and kills adult fleas. Well, he was on that till March, when the vet decided that he had plateaued on weight and will probably never leave the 11-20lb segment. So they told me I can no longer buy the individual Trifexis, but only 6-month supplies at a time. So I went online (for financial reasons) and was about to get him some Trifexis, but I saw another drug, Sentinel, which claimed to also treat and prevent all the worm types and kill flea eggs (not adult fleas). It was also cheaper by like $100!!! So we got a 6-month supply of that. Bruno had his first April pill with no problems.
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For all-in-one flea/heartworm prevention medications for dogs (Trifexis and Sentinel), buying these products at our hospital WILL SAVE YOU MONEY over most online stores, including the big ones. The reason for this is because we price these medications exactly the same as the major online pharmacy and we check their prices monthly. Here’s the even better news…our prices start there and then they get reduced by manufacturer rebates that only veterinary hospitals can offer. For both Trifexis and Sentinel, the current rebates are $10 off for a six month supply and $25 off for a 12-month supply. This is reflected in the graphs included. Buy Trifexis For Dogs Cheap Online - $73.95 - HF Dog
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I could have paid a bit less, it appears, by buying my drugs online from , which sold a six-month supply of Trifexis for $99.74 and offered free shipping. A prescription from the veterinarian is required. (My dog’s pills did come with a $20 mail-in rebate. And the drug is quite effective, at least — no fleas to be seen.)I recommend you use the supplier I suggested, they have the best price and offer no prescription needed to be sent Trifexis for Dogs too. But you can also buy from the Vets and from other Online pet med stores too.If you want to buy Trifexis for Dogs no prescription then they are one of very few suppliers that offer this service. You don’t have to post or fax it in, the supplier just needs the name of your pet and your Vets phone number. Then they will obtain the RX for you, simple!Trifexis Without A Vet Prescription. … Buy Trifexis For Dogs No Prescription | TatoChip. Cheap Trifexis heartworm and flea medication. Buy Trifexis without …Buy Trifexis without prescription, … If you want to buy Trifexis for Dogs no prescription then they are one of very … Here at TatoChip you will find links to …