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can dogs eat potato chips??? | Yahoo Answers
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Many people would be surprised to know that coconut is a wonder food for dogs, as it is for humans. It contains lauric which bolsters the immune system. If your dog has strong-smelling breath, coconut can sweeten it and is excellent for the skin. Apply coconut oil topically to your dog’s skin and coat if he is suffering from itchy spots or flea bites. You can simply give your dog coconut slices or coconut-themed treats such as . These chips are made from dehydrated coconut, are all-natural and rich in fiber. Dogs love receiving coconut chips as a treat, and it is another way to let him indulge his sweet tooth without giving extra fat or sugar. Keep in mind, small amounts are better, as too much coconut can sometimes cause bloating and discomfort!
can dogs eat potato chips???
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Potato chips may not be toxic, but those are not good for dog’s health. You definitely don’t want your dog to develop unhealthy eating habits. Potatoes are not harmful for dogs, but the market-made chips are highly processed and sodium concentration is higher. Besides that, there are other spices and additional fat are mixed which can create adverse effect on your pet dog. Excessive sodium consumption will only lead your pet dog to dehydration. Can dogs eat regular Ruffles potato chips? | Yahoo Answers
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Dog owners love their pets, and they often consider them an important part of their family. They may dress them up in their very own outfits, share their beds with them at night and include them in family photos. Just as you like to treat your children to something special such as ice-cream or candy, dog owners normally also enjoy finding some treat their pet will love. Many wonder if it’s okay to share their potato chips with their dog while they lounge on the sofa watching television. Fortunately, there are several human foods that prove to be fantastic dog treats that will have your dog’s taste buds watering.It’s no secret that potato chips are far from good for our health. They contain an unhealthy amount of salt and trans-fats. However, they do taste great, and if we otherwise follow an healthy diet, a few potato chips every now and then probably aren’t going to cause any irreversible damage to our health, but what about our dogs? Can dogs eat potato chips every now and then as well?Pringles potato chips are hard to resist, so you might find yourself buying a can every now and then. If a whole can of Pringles turns out to be too much for you alone, you might think about sharing the chips with your dog. That brings us to a question: Can dogs eat Pringles?In fact, salt can be life-threatening for dogs, and that’s why you should avoid giving your dog potato chips and other foods containing a lot of salt.Constantly eating food rich in trans-fats can lead to obesity, heart disease and cancer in dogs, and salt makes potato chips even more dangerous for dogs.You should know that potato chips can actually be detrimental for your dogs. Be aware that feeding them high amounts of these chips can get them all hyper. Sometimes, they may tend to avoid other types of food because they are addicted to eating the potato chips you are giving them. If you are going to give your dogs potato chips, you must avoid those that contain flavorings. Potato chips also contain a lot of fats so you must control the amount of potato chips that you are going to give to your pet dog. Also avoid feeding your dog potato chips due to the high content as salt is quite bad for your dog.