Cravers Variety Pack Dog Food Case of 12-13.2 oz

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Remember, no dog food can possibly be appropriate for every life stage, lifestyle or health condition. So, choose wisely. And when in doubt, consult a qualified veterinary professional for help.
Rich in nutrients like protein and beta-carotene, Wellness Whitefish and Sweet Potato Canned Dog food can either be… Our Price: $30.99
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There is a wide range of prices among dog food that meets the minimum requirements of the Association of American Feed Control Officials, and Consumer Reports says that there’s no legal definition for “premium” blends. Discover Blue Buffalo canned & dry dog food at Petco. With natural ingredients, grain free formulas & primary flavors, you'll please your pup's taste buds.
Photo provided by FlickrJump to 4Wellness CORE Natural Grain Free Wet Canned Dog Food - Wellness wet canned dog food is sold at the same price for all its varieties
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As I think about it, I wonder if the reviews on this site could include those dollar-sign symbols next to the dog food names. You know those, like on Yelp I think? One dollar-sign could indicate that a brand is typically less expensive than its competitors. More dollar-signs could mean typically more expensive than competitors. That might really help more people find the best foods we can afford for our pets. It might also strengthen educated consumer demand for good value (i.e., high quality at a low price) from suppliers in the free-market.Manufactured wet and dry dog foods are relatively new pet products, preceded only by the dog biscuit, which was created in the mid-1800s. Canned dog food was not introduced to the American market until the 1920s, and kibble in its current form has only been manufactured and sold since the 1950s. Prior to the development of these products, people usually fed their dogs table scraps, particularly meaty bones. Though numerous low-calorie/low-carb weight control dry foods exist, it is hard to beat the calorie and carb counts of wet dog food, primarily due to the high moisture content of canned food. However, some veterinarians will prescribe a particular type of dry food, depending on a dog's health issues, so if weight gain (or loss) is a concern, it is best to check with a vet before putting a dog on any particular diet. Sudden weight loss or gain may indicate another underlying health problem.Two cheap dog foods we researched failed to measure up. (starting at 4 cents/ounce) kibble and canned formulas, such as Beef, Bacon, & Cheese (starting at 10 cents/ounce), are heavy on ingredients that prompt experts to turn up their noses, such as fillers and meat by-products. Reviews posted by pet owners, however, reveal that budget prices and good taste often trump the unimpressive inputs.With at least one dog living in nearly half of U.S. households, it's no wonder the dog food industry is booming. And for thrifty masters, that means a determined hunt for the best cheap dog food, be it dry kibble or wet and canned. Figure on spending 5 to 10 cents an ounce for cheap kibble and 10 to 18 cents an ounce for cheap canned dog food. Although many big names in the industry command hefty prices for their products, some smaller companies with lower profiles offer top-quality dog food at comparatively budget rates. We identified several low-cost brands that deserve shelf space in your dog's larder.I am interested in this as well. I’m hoping to adopt a shelter dog soon. They are coming for a home visit next weekend so Fingers crossed for us! So with 2 dogs, I may have to feed partially kibble. I like Annamaet Grain free for the price. But then I’ll have to pay shipping for a small bag. Small dogs. Wellness Complete Health has one 5 star and a few 4 1/2 star foods. They are listed under 4 star. Petco has a $5.00 coupon this week and you can get a Manuf. coupon on their website I believe.