Here are the main types of car restraint options for dogs:

Serious injury or death of unrestrained dogs in car crashes, is sadly not uncommon.
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But consider this worst-case but all-too-possible scenario: you’re on your way to the or when you’re in a car accident, with your dog in the . The outcome depends on several factors: how bad the accident is, whether or not you are hurt, and whether your pet is restrained–or turned into a projectile who goes through the car window.
Car restraints for dogs help keep you and your pet safe when the two of you are on the go.
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"I never thought of restraining my dog in the car before, but gave it a try since it came free with this harness. I should have tried it a long time ago. I don't miss my pup trying to climb in the front seat with me or pacing in the back seat. She just sits still. Good for me and good for her too!" Sources for some of the car restraints for dogs that have been discussed.
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Photo provided by Flickr5) Post accident, a scared and unrestrained dog can hinder first responders providing aid to the driver and passengers
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Make your dogs trip in the car a safe one while still allowing some backseat freedom. This dog seat belt is great for keeping your pup under control while driving. Restrain them from jumping to the front seat creating a driving distraction or out the door when you just need him to stay put.Just click it into a car's seat belt buckle receiver and clip the snap hook to your pup's harness, and you're good to go! Pair the EzyDog CLICK Adjustable Car Restraint with an any of our for a safe and secure way to keep your pup under control. Check out our full line of .: This product is designed to be used with an to prevent driver distraction and restrain the dog to one position in the vehicle. In the event of a car accident it may not prevent injury to the passengers or your dog. Inspect attachment for wear or abrasion. Do not use if damaged."I have 3 Pitbull Terriers (80lbs. each) and have looked at a lot of car restraints to keep everyone in their place. I got 3 so each dog has their own. It works perfectly! Just attach to the collar or harness, click it into the seatbelt reciever and your off :) Each dog has enough room to sit up or lie down, but no one is trying to help drive from the backseat. This is exactly what I've been looking for!! Thanks EZDog!!! I could not be happier :)""Amazing. This is pure genius! Used with her ezydog harness she can now ride in the backseat and not in my lap! My dog was terrified in the car so she wasn't trying to get in my lap because she was having fun, she was actually frightened. And a 50 pound staffie in your lap while driving is a recipe for disaster. We have used this probably 5 times now and I'm so happy with it and so is she! She actually jumps in the car and sirs down in the middle of the backseat!!! Having a dog that is afraid of the car makes it difficult to take them to the vet, etc. This restraint is perfect for traveling with your dog in the car. We got one for each dog and a spare for the glove box. We also bought one for each of our kids dogs. Best money I ever spent.". I tried a traditional dog safety restrain from Vastar. It's not a full dog car harness per se, but rather a simple lead that secures to your car's seat belt buckle and clips to your Fido's collar to keep him in place. It works similar to a dog car seat belt, and is the cheapest dog car safety solution you can find.