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I get the monster packages of Frontline for big dogs, and treat my cats with .5 ml each. same dosage as the tiny cat packages, but WAY cheaper. Big dog ampule is 8 cat doses.How to prevent fleas and how to prevent ticks naturally comes down to housework. Keeping areas well vacuumed and bedding washed seems to be the best natural way to prevent ticks and fleas in Dogs. Keeping the Dog well bathed can also help. The only natural way I found that has lots of feedback when it comes to killing or preventing either Dog ticks or Dog fleas is the use of a flea comb. This definitely works to get rid of fleas. If Dog ticks are not a problem then a regular comb with a Dog flea comb could definitely save you a lot of money. Cheap Frontline for Dogs does not seem to exist so a small spend on a flea comb is well worth the investment.Discount Frontline is still an issue. These applications are expensive and although they work very effectively cheap Frontline for Dogs would still be nice.