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Nylon collars come in a wide range of styles and prices. At the low end of the price spectrum are nylon collars that are very cheap, but that may also be very uncomfortable for the dog. As previously mentioned, the edges of these collars can chafe or abrade the dog's neck. The clip allowing for adjustability may not be secure enough, and it may slide along the collar, tightening it and causing a potential strangulation hazard for the dog. Buyers who want to save money should keep their pet's well-being foremost in their mind as they shop, balancing the needs of their budget with their dog's need for a comfortable collar. Medium to high-end nylon collars should work well for most dogs and are much less expensive than leather collars are.
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Some cheap nylon collars are far too rigid for comfort. Their edges can be so tough as to be almost sharp, cutting into the dog's neck as it runs and moves about. A good collar should be smooth and comfortable, with no rough or sharp edges. It should be strong, yet lightweight. Ideally, the dog should barely be able to feel the collar around its neck. The collar should be tight enough so that it cannot be pulled over the dog's head, but loose enough to prevent a choking sensation or similar discomfort. Wholesale Nylon Webbing Dog Collars - Buy Cheap ..
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