Top Paw® Double Door Wire Dog Crate

This particular dotted crate cover is designed for a medium sized dog and a medium sized dog crate
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As dogs have a natural instinct to not soil or eliminate in their area of rest or sleep, crate training is widely recognized as an effective way to house or potty-train your dog. Whether you are in need of a crate for a small or toy-sized dog, medium-sized dog, or large dog, you are bound to find a crate that will perfectly accommodate your dog, as these Petco collapsible dog crates are available in five different sizes. Our Petco Premium 2-Door Dog Crates boast heavyweight wire construction with a sophisticated hammer-tone metal finish. Our improved baked powder-coat finish strongly adheres to the metal wire adding lasting durability and resistance to rust.
36” (91cm) dog crates are the best size for the following intermediate-sized breeds weighing between  and ranging from around :
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Most crates or harnesses that claim to be “crash tested” . This means that a crate might pass for a very small dog, but lacks the stability and security for a medium or large sized dog. 30” (76cm) dog crates are the best size for the following medium-sized breeds weighing between  and measuring about .
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Photo provided by FlickrA Midwest medium dog crate is approximately 30 inches in depth, and is sized appropriately for the adult dog. These crates are suitable for dogs 26 - 40 lbs.
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Medium size dog crate made specifically for medium-sized dogs, this breed is usually categorized to the size of the dog with size isn’t too small and not too big. what category the size of your dog ,whether it’s included in the medium sizes category? Here is a medium-sized breed of dog; Beagle, Mini Schnauzer, Cavalier King Charles, Scottish Sheep Dogs, etc. The weight of a medium dog size is usually average weighs between 24-40 pounds.These crates are perfect for a Beagle, Bulldog, Cocker Spaniel, English Springer, or other intermediate dog breed. An intermediate dog crate is approximately 36 inches in depth, and is sized appropriately for your adult dog. These 36 inch dog crates are suitable for dogs 41 - 70 lbs.As we know a lot of types of dog crate sizes; extra small, medium, large, and even a giant crate size. Every different breed of dog, then the right size of his crate must suitable to the size of the dog. For example, the right crate size for chihuahuas is , or mostly appropriate for the rottweiler. Then how about the medium size dog crate ? Some type of dog that I have mentioned above that medium-sized dog is a dog with an average weight of 26 to 40 pounds.