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Easy Dehydrated Apple Dog Treats for Dogs.
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I’ve got some hearts and livers in the dehydrator as I type this! We’ve done sweet potatoes and chicken jerky in the past and the dogs really love them. There are some great additional ideas here, thank you! The best tip I can add to the mix is to watch when certain things go on sale and buy a bunch. Either make them up all or freeze for later. I can’t wait to try the bananas, apples and fish treats. They sound super easy and very tasty, and we love knowing exactly what our dogs are eating. Thanks again!
We dehydrate various meats for treats and the dogs do love it. I’m yet to try dehydrated sweet potatoes. As for apples, I offer them raw.
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I use a dehydrator when I make the sweet potatoes treats for my dog. this is how I do it and it only is in the dehydrator 3 hours max I wash and slice into quarters i par boil for approximately 5 minutes you don't want them to get soft but you don't put him in really hard pat dry them arrange them in your dehydrator and there you go about 3 hours later they're ready to go. my two big dogs love them I also make smaller treats for my chihuahua. I've also dehydrated pumpkin the same way as well as carrots sale of the raw carrots but the dehydrated ones are good too. Dehydrated Summer Squash, Apple, & Carrot Natural, tasty chips for dogs and humans.
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Photo provided by FlickrOct 13, 2016 - Now the rainy days, well, those are perfect for making apple pies, apple strudel, and one of my dogs' favorite treats — dehydrated apple chips.
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If your dog only ingested too many pieces of apples, without the seeds, you can just closely monitor it for 24 hours and make sure it has access to lots of water so that the dog does not become dehydrated. Try giving your dog a probiotic to help calm its upset tummy. Your dog’s body should deal with the excessive intake of apples on its own, but if the symptoms persist for longer than 24 hours, you will need to visit the veterinarian. Ever seen those expensive high-end dog treats at the pet store: the pure chicken breast wrapped around apple (or sweet potato) and then dehydrated? Dogs LOVE them, but they cost an arm and a leg for a tiny little bag! Well, I just figured out how to make them at home for MUCH less. You can make these special treats for your own sweet dog, AND they make wonderful gifts for your dog-lover friends! Although the instructions and the cooking times are lengthy, the treats themselves are surprisingly simple to make. Here's how I did it.

How to Make Chicken & Apple Dog Treats:


...Coming soon...Dehydrated ground-turkey-&-pumpkin patties! (In other words, I also found an old package of ground turkey in the back of the freezer, and a can of pure pumpkin in the pantry left over from the holidays, and I'm going to experiment with that, next. I'll let you know how it turns out!)

After your 5 - 6 hour wait, the apples will be nice and dehydrated into chips! Some of them may be crunchy, and some might be a bit more chewy. If you want them crunchier, leave them in a bit longer. The apple dog treats are not only good for your dogs, but you can eat them too! It's a great snack for camping and hiking!When dehydrating them, you have two options: suck out most – but not all – of the moisture, or dehydrate the apple slices completely. Option A gives you a slightly spongier chew, which might be better for some dogs. (These will also need to be refrigerated or frozen.) Option B results in more of a chip-like chew, similar to the people chips I made, only thicker. I worried that some of the smaller dogs might have trouble chewing them, but so far so good. This includes Kaylee, who has a history of dental problems and is missing half her teeth, as well as Mags, who recently broke two teeth down to the nubs and has dental surgery scheduled in the near future.