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When do you know when your dogs done passing her still births? Vet only felt 2-3. And she has delivered a total of 4 still birth puppies. How do you know what to look for to make sure she has them all out?
Oscar Mayer is expanding its fleet of hot dog delivering vehicles to include a dog-dropping drone.
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Congrats on the first one, by now you should have the whole litter delivered and they should be sleeping or happily nursing. Generally the time of labor varies depending on how many puppies are being delivered. You shouldn't be concerned unless pups have not passed for longer than 4 hours or if your dog has been actively straining to deliver a pup longer than 30 minutes. Best wishes! From start to finish, your order is handled by Smiley Dog and is not passed off to other companies for processing, fulfillment or delivery.
Photo provided by FlickrThe causes of stalled labor and delivery problems in dogs depend on which type of inertial is involved.
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In the race for Google’s strangest project, there are lots of contenders. Life-extension projects. Giant helium balloons that relay internet connections. A new version of Google Glass. But among them, dog-like robots that deliver parcels may be one of the most eye-popping.The 55-pound robot, which debuted in June, has a variety of gaits including a very horse-like trotting gait, and can move sideways as well. In an onstage demo, the robot delivered a soda can into Raibert’s hands using an extendable arm and showed a variety of speeds and functions. The robot is an updated and miniaturized version of Boston Dynamics’ legendary military-purpose BigDog, a six-year-old DARPA-funded project that was over concerns about the robot’s noise.Attendees at last month’s , a machine learning conference in Spain, got a surprise peek at the dogbot when Marc Raibert, CEO of Google-owned , unveiled his company’s latest projects. Among them is SpotMini, a four-legged robot that resembles a small dog and can perform tasks like opening heavy doors and climbing stairs to deliver packages to the front door of a home.One way small animal veterinary medicine differs from human medicine is in the field of obstetrics. Human hospitals have entire floors devoted to labor, delivery and the newborn nursery. Most litters of puppies and kittens make their entrance into this world at home. Last week at The Animal Medical Center, a mother dog having a difficult delivery arrived in our ER., a New York-based startup dedicated to making and delivering healthier dog food, has hired Matthew Cantatore, a former Blue Apron executive, as its new vice president of operations. Cantatore served in a similar role as director of operations at Blue Apron for just over two years.Checking the Delivery Date
Human mothers have nine months to prepare for the arrival of their bundle of joy. Dogs have on average only 63 days, and unlike women who usually have just a singleton, dogs get a whole litter. In order to be ready for the impending litter, use a dog pregnancy calculator. .