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Every Diamond Naturals and Diamond Naturals Grain-Free dry dog formula is enhanced ..
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I am writing this review to let others know what happened to my dogs after eating this food. I bought a bag to switch foods because the other brand I was using started making smaller bags and the price went up. So I did some research and read a lot of reviews and thought that Diamond Naturals was a good choice. Unfortunately 2 of my 4 dogs became ill shortly after starting this food. I have 2 German shepherds, a coonhound and a mixed breed dog. The two German shepherds are the ones who got sick and the other 2 tolerated the food. I started out very slowly mixing the new food in with the old and noticed one shepherd started having diarrhea, vomiting, became lethargic, lost her appetite, was extremely gassy and had a horrible smell whenever she was near me.
Diamond Naturals Chicken & Rice Dry Dog Food. $41.99 See Price in Cart. Why can't I see the price? Diamond Naturals Chicken & Rice Dry Dog Food 40 lb.
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I grew up with my dad buying basic, mass-produced dog food for our dog. When I got my first dog as an adult, I had no idea just how different foods could be and bought my dogs brands like Purina and sometimes even store brands. It’s only been in recent years that I realized just how different the different brands were and how poor quality many of them all. I was up to five Treeing Walker Coonhounds and three cats, so I looked for a product that was superior to brands like Purina but not as costly as some of the top rated food. I did a lot of research and label reading, so I was happy to see that not only did the Diamond Naturals have what I was looking for, but was more reasonably priced. I noticed that the basic Diamond dog food isn’t really any better than brands like Purina, though, so when I recommend it to anyone, I make sure they get either the Naturals or the Grain-free product. My dogs and cats have thrived on this brand, and with as much as we go through, it’s been affordable. Even my kitten, who is turning 10 months this week, started on Diamond Naturals kitten formula as soon as she was off her bottle (she was just two weeks old when I found her). My dogs and cats love the food and I feel good knowing that they are getting a decent nutrition. I was shocked to find out that so many of the premium-priced products really aren’t any better (and in many cases, not as good). Diamond Naturals Lamb & Rice Dry Dog Food. $41.99 See Price in Cart. Why can't I see the price? Diamond Naturals Lamb & Rice Dry Dog Food 40 lb. bag.
Photo provided by FlickrDiamond Naturals Large Breed Puppy Lamb Meal & Rice Formula 40 Pounds. Add to Cart for Price. Diamond Naturals Senior 8 Dog Food, 35 Pounds.
Photo provided by FlickrDiamond Naturals Beef & Rice Dry Dog Food. $41.99 See Price in Cart. Why can't I see the price? Diamond Naturals Beef & Rice Dry Dog Food 40 lb. bag.
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Diamond Naturals dog food is made by , owned by US giant Schell and Kampeter. Diamond pet food started in 1970 with a mission to provide good quality pet food at an affordable price. Their brands in include Diamond, Diamond Naturals and Diamond Naturals grain free.We have a 3.5 month old English mastiff puppy. Her breeder had the puppies on Diamond Naturals grain free sweet potato and chicken. I went to this site to find out what the best food would be for her during her puppy stage. (She said that this food was good for all stages.) I have been a little concerned at all the recalls and have been researching via Hound Dog Mom’s Google Docs list. I’m leaning towards Earthborn grain free. Basically I’m asking for your opinions whether it’s worth it to switch from Diamond to Earthborn. I just want the best for our big little girl, but within this price point. I have 5 kids of my own to feed as well after all. : )My dogs have had reactions to dog foods in the past. I switched to Diamond Naturals about 2 years ago, problems were resolved. I opened a new bag last week. In a few days both of my dogs have started having skin and eye reactions just like with previous foods. Now that I switched to Taste of the Wild since yesterday, and they seem to be improving. There was definitely an ingredient switch or some kind of error. I liked this dog food, it was a good price for grain-free/low-grain diets. I don't trust to feed this again.