Dog Diapers...for old dogs...or stubborn ones

If it helps anyone my dog is a 22 pound American Eskimo mix who wears a medium size dog diaper.
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Hi Krista, obviously the waist size of your dog is going to be an important factor but in disposable diapers, the large size generally fits 35 - 55 lbs with a waist size guide of between 20-27" if your dog has a smaller waist, she might fit into the medium size designed for up to 35 lbs and 18-25" waist - thank you for your interest and I do hope you find something that fits well and in which she is comfortable. Alison
Tips for modifying a baby diaper for a dog and using a harness to keep it on your dog.
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It’s very refreshing when you see perfectly chosen colors for male dogs and female dogs, something that many doggie diaper manufacturers out there completely mess up and get wrong. Is your dog a good candidate for house training using a dog diaper?
Photo provided by FlickrFirst, find a good-fitting and comfortable dog diaper.
Photo provided by FlickrIf your dog has an accident in the diaper it means that you need to:
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If your dog is incontinent training won't help. Pet diapers are becoming more readily available but they are expensive. Typically a male dog does not need a full diaper. A belly band that can absorb urine is usually sufficient. The more traditional belly band is used so that a male dog will choose not to mark or urinate in the house. An incontinent dog, however, needs a bit more. With the male dog diaper instead of the urine wetting the dog it soaks into the diaper and is taken away from the skin and coat of the dog. It was the exact opposite of what I was expecting. Before I tried this solution I tried all those actually designed for dogs. The primary problem I ran into was that the solutions designed for dogs were either ineffective (they slipped, were difficult to fasten, were not designed to contain urine, etc) or were just too expensive. Eventually I figured out how to cut the waist band off a child diaper and create a belly band. This turned out to be very effective, generally kept the dog dry, the house free of urine and much more affordable. Have you considered learning to "express" your dog? Vets do it all the time and can show you how. It entails squeezing your dog's bladder until she empties it. You do it three times a day and then won't need the diapers. I dont know all the circumstances of your situation but this is a common solution for dogs as they get older. I have a cat with neurological damage that we do this for.I'm not sure what doggie diapers look like but we have used little boy's underwear/briefs on our dog backwards so her tail (stump) could stick out.Here at the Hut, we want to meet your most creative and demanding dog product needs. From quality dog leads to dog diaper wraps, each item in our catalog is made with the best materials and craftsmanship. Most of our products were inspired and designed out of necessity, to provide effective solutions for your canine where lesser products commonly found elsewhere fall short.Has your dog become incontinent and now that you've bought diapers, would like to know how to put it on your dog? Well, don't despair; this article can help you clear that hurdle, so the dog and your furniture can stay dry from urine and fecal matter.