My dog has developed an allergy to peas

Dog allergy testing is sketchy at best. If she has no reaction to peas….maybe she can handle them?
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I also remembered a couple more foods that I’d given her and trying to time to when she broke out in a rash and sure enough, those foods also were pea carb based. I’m sure that my dog is not the only dog with issues from peas either. I hope others will experiment with getting their allergy dog off of peas just to see!
My dog is allergic to rice and peas. Guess what is in just about every dog food?
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HI, I have a 6 year old boston terrier who has been very itchy and I had an allergy test done on him. I am having a hard time finding a dog food where he can eat where there is not one thing he is allergic to. He can only eat Turkey or Chicken. Potatoes are ok but not sweet potatoes. He can not have peas either which is very common in a lot of foods. He was just on Kangaroo and green lentils and come to find out he can not have that either. Any advice would be great. Thanks. My dog is allergic to potatoes and peas. Is potato and pea protien related? Also potato and pea fiber?
Photo provided by FlickrDefinitely could be one or more of the ingredients in your stew. My dog is allergic to brown rice and peas which many dog foods contain.
Photo provided by FlickrDo not discount the possible link to Peas as a source to a dog's allergies
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So where do you begin? Start by consulting your veterinarian. Make sure you dog is basically healthy and that the symptoms generally fit what could be a food allergy. Then you begin what is known as a “food trial.” You choose what to feed your dog from a list of hypoallergenic food items. For protein, you could include turkey (a cooling food in Chinese medicine), duck, lamb, rabbit, or venison. The grains or carbohydrates could be rice—or if that is an allergy suspect, then oatmeal, millet, sweet potatoes or squash. I often recommend about 25% vegetables in the form of cooked or steamed carrots, green beans, broccoli, leafy greens, zucchini, peas, etc. Veggies are usually non-allergenic and most dogs will eat them.American pet food labels are bad, they allow bad companies to fool the consumer by not giving the weights. Since you aren't a fan of Fromm in general from your other posts, is there a kibble that is sold in the US, and grain-free that you recommend instead (my dog is allergic to wheat and barley and has to have grain-free)? Because I have never come across a grain-free food with low ash levels that does not include peas, pea protein, or legumes in some manner. Even Orijen, which is considered by many a great food and is grain-free, includes green peas, chickpeas, lentils, etc.Do not discount the possible link to Peas as a source to a dog’s allergies. Peas, pea flour, pea protein, pea fiber is now in almost all dry dog foods to get the protein numbers up. My dog started to develop allergies, or what appeared to be allergies, 6 months ago, while on a very good grain-free dog food. It started with an itchy tail head, then itchy back, then some hives on the face to full blown facial, neck and spine swelling, with difficulty swallowing. After 6 weeks of allergy testing and food “trials”, every food, including treats, that contained a form of “pea” created the same allergy symptoms within a half hour. My dog was tested as allergic to potatoes, peanuts, & soybeans. When the manufacturers started adding peas to everything we noticed she had sensitivity to those also. She passed away at the age of 16 in June. Over the years we’d have to switch dogfoods often because formulas would change. Make sure you read the bag every time you make a purchase. For a while we had to use Pedigree because it was the the only one she could tolerate. Then we found the Authority brand at Petsmart! The price is great & it didn’t take long until we noticed an overall improvement in the health of all 3 of our dogs, especially in their skin & coats. Again, you have to read the bags to find the right one for your dog. Even though our special girl has passed, we liked Authority dog food so much that we still feed it to our other dogs.