Reindeer Antlers For Dogs – Apache Christmas!

Your dog will enjoy chewing on the variety of shapes and flavors of Prairie Dog Antlers.
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If you’re not familiar with these natural dog chews, we’ve compiled some of the most common questions and answers to help you get acquainted. We’ve also detailed some of the best selling elk antler chews available on Amazon to purchase for your pup.
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Prairie Dog Antlers are available in several types, shapes and sizes. Choose from a variety of options like dense moose for a heavy chewer, a split elk for sensitive chewers, or a deer antler perfect for smaller breeds. It’s a fun challenge for dogs to gnaw the edges of the antler to get at the marrow
Photo provided by Flickri’m so glad your dogs love antlers, Preacher will chew on them but the big dogs don’t
Photo provided by FlickrHere are some other tips to make sure your dog’s tail keeps wagging for his antler chew:
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Single ingredient premium dog treats by a values-based American small business? YES please! Your Antler Chews are the best (and my crazy pups agree!). Our antler chews are bar-none the highest quality, hand-selected dog treats you will find (the dog bone perfected!), originating from top-grade naturally-shed elk antlers collected by hand and on hoof each year, and meticulously crafted into nature's perfect, eco-friendly, premium dog chew.
Whether you own a sporting dog or a posh pup, check out our blog for product highlights, dog adventures, antler chew and outdoor gear info, dog tips, news and more!Dogs will chew on pretty much anything – but that doesn’t mean it’s safe to let them! One of my readers asked if a deer antler chew was a good choice for her dog: Q: One of my friends gave my Cavapoo an antler chew. It seems kind of hard. Is it safe for him to […]Feel good knowing that with elk antler chews from Mountain Dog Chews you are "treating" your dog to the absolute best. Benefits include: (i) rich source of minerals and nutrients; (ii) natural product of the USA, without additives; (iii) long lasting, safe and no splinters; (iv) mess-free and odor-free; and (v) not a slaughter house by-product!
Instead, I recommend buying chew toys that have some flexibility or “give” to them, even for large, powerful dogs. Give big-time chewers large toys that don’t fit all the way in the mouth. It’s better to replace chew toys more frequently than it is to have to spend hundreds of dollars to have your veterinarian repair or remove a broken tooth. Hard chews such as deer antlers can also cause bleeding in the mouth or internally if they splinter and blockages if swallowed, two more reasons to avoid them.Excessively hard chew toys are a common cause of broken teeth in dogs. A broken tooth is extremely painful and can sometimes become abscessed. I believe that hard plastic or nylon chews, sterilized bones, cow hooves and antlers are too hard to be safe for most dogs. Rule of paw: don’t buy any chew toy that you wouldn’t want to be whacked in the knee with.Are you constantly buying an endless supply of dog treats? Is your puppy/dog chewing on anything & everything? We have the solution, antler dog chews. Better than rawhide bones! Way better than nylon bones! Better than any other chew on the market! The long lasting, safe, teeth whitening, 100% all natural, no dyes, no preservatives, no additives, allergy free, organic taste great dog treat that most dogs will go nuts for!