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This is an excellent site that will help your neighbors control their dog’s barking:
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"We have neighbor dogs that have been torturing us for a year. Four to our back left, one behind us, and one to the right. Always one or the other barking. We researched a product and came upon the Dog Silencer Max and took a chance. The afternoon we got it, I put it right up. Two days later and we are living in silence. I kid you not. It is unreal. It has changed our lives, and especially mine since I work at home. I could hear initially the various dogs would attempt their usual barking but it was stopping after only one or two woofs. They try a bark now and then still but stop after only one bark. I feel certain that it will soon stop altogether. Thank you Good Life. Finally we are in control of our lives again. What a feeling!"
Sonic Trainers 146244: Dog Silencer™ Discreet Neighbor Pack - Humane Bark Control Device Stops Barking BUY IT NOW ONLY: $121.95
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Thanks! I did find a model with an extender remote!
And since the 50′ outside one is having a positive result on crazy neighbors incessant barker, (she calls him her “child” but leaves him outside day and night, and is a preschool teacher~God help the world), I may try that one in the future if Mr. Construction’s dog across the street, (also left out unattended continually) does not adjust to the increase in quiet in the next few weeks :). This is the best bark control device for quieting your neighbors’ dogs (but it will work for yours, too):
Photo provided by FlickrCompare a variety of solutions to control your or your neighbors barking dog
Photo provided by FlickrHelps control unwanted barking from neighbors dogs up to 50 ft away ..
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No matter how strong a bark control device sound output is, if the Dog is not within range of the unit the barking will not trigger most bark control products. Our proprietary "Bark Recognition Technology™" senses dog barking from greater distances and even if the incredible reach of the Dog Silencer not enough, it is the only bark control device available to come with a tiny key chain remote control so you can manually activate the bark controlling power of the Dog Silencer from an even further distance, a luxury other units do not offer. The remote control also allows you to customize the training of yours or your neighbors dog (s). We have gone the extra distance to offer a 60 ft. extension (sold separately), to make it even easier for you to place the unit. Don't worry if you don't have a power source or 60 feet is not long enough because the all new Dog Silencer is the only Bark Control to come fully ready to operate on a single 9 volt battery providing you even greater abilities in placing your unit, including those hard to reach or previously unreachable places.If you have a dog that keeps you up at night, gets you in trouble with your neighbors or you are just tired of hearing all of the time, then BarkWise is what you need. NOT just another Dog Collar, BarkWise emits a high frequency sound pulse in direct response to your dog's barking. The powerful sound is inaudible to humans yet disrupts the barking patterns of your dog without causing pain or injury to your pet. BarkWise doesn't use Electric Shocks to control behavior, rather it uses the high pitched sounds to train your dog not to bark. These sounds interrupt the barking without hurting your dog. The dog will usually learn quickly to associate barking with the unpleasant sound, and this will reduce or completely eliminate "nuisance" barking. BarkWise is a pet friendly, safe and effective way to train your pet.It doesn't stop there... the Dog Silencer comes with cut outs on the back of the unit so you can hang it on a wall, fence, trees, etc. It has fold out feet to stand securely on just about any surface. Dog Silencer is water resistant to operate in even the harsh conditions. The deep forest green and compact construction of the Dog Silencer will allow this bark control product to disappear into your yard and discreetly stand out of the way in your home. You can easily adjust the sensitivity of the Dog Silencer and switch between sonic (audible)/ultrasonic or ultrasonic alone (silent to humans). This is truly the next generation in Bark Control, it should take a while before the competition catches up with this one! Remember the Dog Silencer is humane and safe for your pets and family. No electric shocks, no pain, no barking! Just Peace and harmony between neighbors. (AC Adapter sold separately)About a month ago, a neighbor's two dogs started getting out at night and barking. We called the cops (The Kootenai County Sheriff, for Hayden) and discovered that they are so short staffed as to be largely ineffective. The deputies are dedicated people who do their best. One day, the animal control dispatcher said she had 35 calls pending (for one officer.)