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Everyone thinks of their dog as a superhero, and with the Batman Dog Costume, that thought comes to life. While your pet might not be able to drive the Batmobile or operate all of The Dark Knight's magnificent toys, he can sniff out the bad guys while also being charming enough to bring someone back to your version of Wayne Manor.
Awesome bat costume for your dog for Halloween!
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Give your pooch a quick Halloween makeover with the spooky Bat Wings Dog Harness Costume by Zack & Zoey! The removable glow-in-the-dark bat wings are attached to a sturdy nylon harness, so you can dress up your dog and enjoy the festivities fuss-free. Simply remove the wings and you can use the harness any time of year. Dress up your dog with this Petco Bat Costume!
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Some vampires haven't mastered the whole "shapeshifting" thing yet. The good ones can turn into a little black bat and flap off into the night, never to be seen again. The good ones can turn into all kinds of animals... including ones that look exactly like your beloved dog. But those other ones can have little shapeshifting "accidents"... like the little fellow pictured above. Not quite bat, not quite dog, but quite cute will your best friend be dressed up as a (slightly confused) vampire in this adorable Pet Bat Costume!Turn your Dog into a superhero with The Batman Dog Costume by Pet Threads! Boasting a design that features a flowing cape, yellow belt and bat symbol, the costume is a novelty way of keeping your Dog warm. The Batman Dog Costume also has a drawstring collar for secure wear. #batdog #batman #dogs #dogcostumes #dogoutfitsWith just a headpiece and wings, this outfit is simple and easy for your little pal to wear. The wings use an elastic band that fits stealthily and comfortably around the front legs. And the headpiece is covered in faux fur with a widow's peak for that classic Dracula look. That's what makes this Pet Bat Costume an easy, stylish, and fun way to get your dog in on the Halloween fun!Bat Wings Dog & Cat Halloween Costume at barker & meowsky a paw firm since 1998 carries dog clothes, dog accessories, dog carriers, dog collars, dog toys, dog beds and dog treatsYour pet takes flight for Halloween with this clever bat wing costume. Felt, pipe cleaners and a bit of Velcro are all you need to dress your furry friend as a winged bat for Halloween. This costume is not only easy to craft it's also lightweight so it's comfortable for your dog or cat. This orange and black bat costume is the perfect ensemble for your pooch this Halloween! It's easy to put on, and it's lightweight and comfortable for your dog. Just attach the wings with the two hook and loop closures around the arms, and fasten the headpiece with Velcro around the chin. Another great animal costume from Animal Planet, this costume is sure to please this Halloween!