Super cute cheap dog beds for small dogs

DIY dog bed out of an old blanket and throw pillows. So easy! So cheap!
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I looked all over the internet for a cheaper solution. I considered a twin mattress, but wanted to be able to move it from room to room. Plus I wanted each dog to be able to have her own place to lay if she wanted. I discovered moving blankets. I bought SIX blankets 72" x 80" for $40 on ebay. Because the girls are heavy, I double them up, but that still gave me three dog beds for $40, or six in a pinch. If you have smaller dogs, you wouldn't have to double them up, though.
How to make an extremely cheap dog bed in 7 simple steps - #Dogs, #Pets
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We've scoured the market and found some of the best and most affordable options for dog owners on the budget. Here's a list of best cheap dog beds under $20 which should be affordable for most pet parents. A look at the best dog beds for labs. From luxury dog beds to cheap dog beds…
Photo provided by FlickrOld crib mattress used as a dog bed. Cheap Mastiff sized bed!
Photo provided by FlickrOur dogs chew up anything else, and cheaper beds get matted down and worn out.
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These glued beds tend to be cheaper but they don’t last as long compared to the single piece of the thickest foam. Thick flat foams support the dog well, thus, making sure it gets good sleep and rest.If you’re in need of a cheap, large dog bed that dogs and owners love, then Molly Mutt has something for you! Based out of Berkeley, CA, we’ve built our business from the ground up to meet the diverse needs of an environmentally conscious and stylish dog-owner community. So if you get excited about new pet products that are versatile and economical, we’ve got you covered.Bottom line is, when buying an orthopedic dog bed, cheap is expensive because you will keep on replacing the bed. Dogs can be quite hard on their beds; they scratch, they nibble and once in a while they keep dragging their beds to new positions. With this in mind, a good dog bed should be durable, easy to wash and the covers should be resistant to stains.Molly Mutt beds are dog approved because dogs love the way they smell like their favorite humans. When you stuff your furry friend’s bed with your old clothes and blankets, they will get to enjoy the extra soothing comfort of your scent even when you aren’t around. Throw in some armor for added weather protection, and your dog is on its way to being the most pampered pet on the block. With a cheap like ours, you’ll never go back to purchasing the expensive alternatives again!Now, no matter where you live, you can easily order a Molly Mutt dog bed from the comfort of your own home! We ship all over the United States; as well as to Canada, Australia, New Zealand, the U.K. and more. Perhaps your furry friend simply can’t wait for his new Molly Mutt bed? Don’t worry! We typically ship our packages within 24 hours of when the order is placed, so you can expect your dog duvet to arrive in just a few short days. What makes our beds so great? We consider style, comfort, and ease of use in all designs. One of the biggest advantages to owning a Molly Mutt bed is that you can easily change the stuffing in order to throw the duvet in the when it needs to be refreshed. Gone are the days of throwing away beautiful, expensive dog beds that were destroyed in the wash, or simply too large to wash at all. Our gorgeous are compact and durable, meaning they can endure many washes while still retaining their beautiful colors and . Simply put, we make the best cheap dog beds for large dogs.Molly Mutt is the internet’s best source for cheap dog beds for large breeds. Our sustainable, eco-friendly materials and practices make us the most environmentally conscious dog bed company around. Rather than throw away or donate your old clothing and bedding, why not consider purchasing one of our economical dog bed duvet covers to fill with your stuff?