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1. :: A PAW Patrol birthday party definitely calls for some new party planning tricks. Forego regular plates and place settings in favor of dog food dishes, like those seen here.
Hot Dog Bar for Minnie Mouse Birthday Party, Hot Dog Bar Menu Ideas, Food Idea…
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If you don’t feel like baking a dog-friendly cake, there are some great options for ordering a special . A variety of birthday-themed doggy can work, too, if you’re planning to invite a number of guests. Make sure to have plenty of water out for the dogs, and have some snacks, drinks and finger foods handy for the humans in attendance. Hot Dog Bar for Minnie Mouse Birthday Party, Hot Dog Bar Menu Ideas, Food Idea…
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For your dog's birthday, maybe get them something special. A cake that is safe for dogs, or bone, maybe an extra treat or two. Try not to overdo it with the treats. I know its a special day, but you don't want her to get sick!

Food that dogs cannot eat:
Macadamia Nuts

Check out this link for more information about hazardous dog plants:

No, dogs should not eat regular chicken or lamb, etc, bones because they can cause splintering. Its easy for pieces to break off and get stuck in your dog's teeth.

You mentioned that you don't feed her that much dog food. Please feed the reccomended feeding amount on her dog food package.. its whats best for her!

Good luck! Hope this helped. Our dog, Boomer, turned 11 so we wanted to make him a cake. I chose this recipe because it had easily available ingredients that I didn't mind cooking with my dishes - no dogfood in my muffin tins thanks! They turned out great! I did make them muffin sized but otherwise followed the recipe exactly. Boomer LOVED them! It is amazing how he seemed to know we made them just for him! We called them his birthday "pupcakes". Thanks for the great recipe!
At a poochie party, your dog is the guest of honor, so creating a bunch of pet friendly food is a great way to pamper your pup. Special appetizers that are vet approved are excellent options. At Molly's pug , I'll be serving up a for the people and scooby snacks for the doggies. Olive oil and bacon truffles and a dog friendly pate on toast, will fill the dogs up after a roaring round of fetch. No birthday party is complete without a cake and Oliver's will be made naturally sweet, colorful, and flavorful: a peanut butter carrot cake. Interested in making these dog food recipes? All you have to do is For food, the dogs will be happy with some dog treats, a small amount of kibble or perhaps just a piece of doggy birthday cake (see the next page for ideas). Some pet owners may feed their dogs before the party, and you don't want the animals to overeat. For easy, homemade dog snacks, check out the site Dog Birthday Parties. The human guests will get a kick out of dog-themed appetizers such as mini-hot dogs or chicken salad sandwiches cut into bone shapes with a cookie cutter. I am in the process of making this right now. I didnt have any baby food so I used pumpkin and the dogs would not leave my side for anything while I was prepping it. I made it into cupcakes since today is our lab Stewie's 2nd Birthday and we are going to the dog park with them to meet some friends. I can already tell these are gonna be a huge hit and I will have to make them again next month for our husky Max's 2nd birthday. Thanks for sharing! Dogs can eat nearly anything that humans can without too much disturbance to their digestive systems. Why not make your dog's birthday special by making a cake with their favourite dog food? You can choose whether or not you'd like to frost your dog birthday cake and add your pet's name. In keeping with the theme, you can substitute Pup-Peroni or Snausages for regular candles.