Is this dog bowl tray still available for sale?

Mosaic tray - pretty flash dog bowl tray
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Keep floors where you place your pet bowls neat, clean and dry with this Non-Slip Dog Bowl Tray. Bowls stay in place thanks to a tray's two non-slip round surfaces.
Blacksmith Food And Water Tray | Pottery Barn  Shown with Cambria dog bowls
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Welcome to the Dog Bowl Place Mats superstore! Dogs sure do love to eat, don't they? While it can be adorable to see them go crazy for their favorite foods, it can also be aggravating when the little bits and pieces of food and huge splashes of water get all over your kitchen floor! This means lots of cleanup for you after every meal. Luckily, there's an easy way to make this problem go away. Check out our selection of dog dinner mats to eliminate your dog's eating mess right away.

The dog feeding mats we offer range from the simple to the elegant. Standard rubber mats are great for instantly protecting your floor from everything your dog can get on it, including food and water. They are naturally resistant to sliding, so you don't have to worry about your pet pushing his bowl somewhere it shouldn't be. Specialty feeding trays like the one from Marchioro Pet Products are more advanced, with built-in molds designed specifically to hold your dog's food and water bowls in place, and a raised back to eliminate any chance of spillage getting onto the floor.

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Photo provided by FlickrBoomer & George A-Frame Dog House with Food Bowl Tray. This would work great for ducks!
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Seriously considering getting this: a dog bowl tray from . It features two seamlessly, built-in dog bowls with removable interior dishes. The bottom of the tray is skid-free and will keep your dog’s bowls in place. It also has an outer lip to catch any spilled water. Boomer is the messiest drinker in the world and also pushes her bowl around while she eats. She and I could definitely benefit from this product. And it looks great too!Great for messy canine eaters and drinkers, embedded magnets in this smart pet container lock dog food bowls onto the durable tray, while the spill-proof bowls half-inch lip keeps water off your floor. Anti-slip feet make it extra slide-proof.Put your dog's food and water bowls on this Non-Skid Pet Bowl Tray to prevent spills and messes. Four powerful grippers on the bottom keep it securely in place. No more slipping, sloshing and dirty floors! Fido can push and nudge, but this tray won’t budge. The smooth beige design blends easily into your décor, while a pair of decorative paw prints adds a playful touch to the top. It’s designed to be durable and easy to clean, too. Simply wipe it down as needed.MEWTOGO 23.3” by15.6” Waterproof Pet Food Feeding Mat-Non Slip Water Bowl Placemat Tray for Cat and Dog-Grey Pet food mat is made of non-toxic andSuper-strong magnets hold steel dog food bowls to a tough melamine tray
Tray has nonslip feet & a half-inch lip to catch spills
Includes re-sealable BPA-free plastic lids to keep leftovers fresh
owls are BPA-free & dishwasher-safe
Includes 2 enameled steel bowls, 2 plastic lids, 1 melamine tray
Measures (small dog): 13.75" L x 8.75" W x .74" H (tray); 4.75" diameter x 1.88" H (bowls)
Measures (large dog): 19" L x 12" W x .74" H (tray); 7.13" diameter x 2.6" H (bowls)Mr. Peanut’s Anti-Slip Multi-Purpose Boot Tray & Pet Feeding Mat for Boots, Shoes, Paint, Dog Bowls, Cat Litter Box, Gardening. Floor Protection with Anti-Slip Pads,