Try these dog bowls to down slow their eating

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Avoid all these things with the dog bowls that slow down eating. These materials will never cost you so much, so there would be no reason that will not purchase it. More or less $11, you can already get your dog bowls, which is saving you hundreds and even thousands of your bucks from sending your pets to the vet.
Sounds like my Labs! There are a lots of dog bowls, toys, and puzzles available to slow down fast eaters. Here are 3 of our favorites:
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Specialty Bowls
Ease: Super Easy
Cost: Pricey
How: Simply put the food into the specially made bowl. There are many different versions of bowls made to slow down eating. They each look a little different, but they all work similarly: there are built-in obstacles requiring the dog to work to get the food out, thereby slowing the dog down.
Cautions: These bowls are made of plastic and are generally safe. There are dog bowls designed for slower eating available in most pet stores. Also, try wetting the food; it will go down easier.
Photo provided by FlickrOur dogs would eat extremely fast and these bowls have helped to slow them down.
Photo provided by FlickrSlow feed dog bowls and food puzzle toys can help to slow down the pace at which your dog eats. I have chosen a select few to feature on my website.
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Option 1: Slow Feed Dog Bowls.
A is a special dog bowl which is specifically designed to slow a dog's eating down. It has one or more domes or raised partitions that serve as an obstruction. The idea is that the obstruction causes a dog to slow down because he has to maneuver around the raised portions of the bowl to get to his food.It’s Tuesday again and time to review another dog bowl to slow down our speedy eaters. Today we’re covering the . If you’ve been following us for a while then you would have seen the review of the regular over a year ago. We really liked that bowl except for one problem: shortly after using the bowl Stetson developed canine acne on his chin. Our Veterinarian informed us that using plastic dog food bowls often caused this ailment. We continued to used the Brake-Fast Dog Bowl and did our best to keep it clean of bacteria however after a second case of canine acne we abandoned the original Brake-Fast Bowl.Does your dog eat every meal as if it were his or her last meal? Is the food gone before you've even put away the dog food bag? If so, there's help for this unhealthy gulping. Food gulping can lead to vomiting, choking and possibly bloat in large or giant breed dogs.

In the past, it was recommended to put a large serving spoon in the bowl along with the food so the dog would have to eat around the spoon, therefore slowing down eating. Some even recommended placing a large rock in the bowl for the same effect but it's not possible to sanitize a rock.

More recently, several manufacturers have produced bowls with raised partitions or humps that slow the dog down while eating. The dog has to eat around the raised portions to get the food, slowing down eating and swallowing. These bowls are good for all size dogs and puppies.

The Portion Pacer is another great idea to slow down your dog when he or she is eating. Based on the rock idea, these are available in two sizes and come in either stainless steel or ceramic. They can be sanitized in the dishwasher and are a great solution to an age-old problem.

Another way to slow your dog's eating is not using a bowl at all. Instead of pouring the dog food into a bowl, take the portion of kibble you would normally feed and place it in a treat dispensing toy like a Buster Food Cube. The dog has to nose the toy around the floor and as it rolls, the pieces of food drop out. There are other treat dispensing toys you can also use that will slowly dispense the food one piece at a time. This provides the dog with mental stimulation as well as some physical exercise so it's great for highly active or overweight dogs.

Food gulping is not a problem for all dogs but if your dog is a gulper, there are many products designed to slow his or her eating so your dog gets a healthy meal without the health risk.
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Use promo code TUBE15 at checkout to save 15% on your next order. This offer excludes vet diets, Rx and Free Shipping items.Slow feeder bowls are great for aggressive eaters. They help slows down dogs while eating to help improve digestion and nutrient absorption. Some dogs gulp down their food too quickly, potentially causing bloat. Dogs that eat too fast are more likely to be overweight and have an increased choking risk. You can buy several different types of dog bowls that slow down your canine’s eating. They come in various types, but all of these bowls rely on the same basic method. They incorporate a design that makes it harder for your dog to get to the food. The obstructions force your pet to work around them to reach the food. The trick is to physically slow down the canine so he has to work harder for his meal rather than simply inhaling it.