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Canine Canteen Dog Water fountain
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We stopped off for lunch. Interesting history and story behind the place, not too busy but is a popular coach stop so can get busy. Dogs allowed in the bar area and staff were friendly and bought the dog a biscuit which was nice. Food is mostly canteen style and pretty unremarkable, prices were above average given the setup. Wouldn't stop again but ok if you're in need of a quick stop.
Yes this is fine, you just can't take dogs inside.
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While in Bridgeport recently I decided to stop at the Merritt Canteen for one of their great hotdogs. I hadn't been there in years and was remembering how good they tasted in those warm buns! Well, it was as good as I remembered. Didn't have... hike compass hat dog canteen bottle
Photo provided by FlickrAndrew Zimmern is shown in this handout photo with the Canteen Dog (credit: Aramark)
Photo provided by FlickrChili Cheese Dog and Chicago Dog, Canteen 900, Kingston, PA. #hotdogs #food
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Located in the Historic Paulus Hook neighborhood in Jersey City, NJ, Canine Canteen is a general store for the furry friends of the neighborhood. Owned by San Antonio native Terri Acosta, the store is managed by Ehlo, our Health and Nutrition expert, who is assisted by Cash the Furry Fashionista, and Riley, the youngest of the pack, who will greet you at the door. Born out of a desire to spend her work days with “the girls,” Canine Canteen is the ultimate consequence of spoiled pets, one from which all local dogs and cats will benefit. Canine Canteen is a place for you to find new friends, fun toys and treats, and your pets’ favorite food. Our feline friends get a little lovin’ too in the Kitty Kanteen, located on premises. Our unique design allows the water to flow around the food bowl, keeping it cool and fresh until it's time to eat. Just fill the canteen and you're on your way. A large handle and bottom grip make carrying easy, so whenever your dog is thirsty or hungry --wherever you are--you're ready for him.The Traveling Canteen is a portable all-in-one dog food and water bowl. No more fussing with bags of food and water bottles. No flimsy little fold-up containers that need constant refilling.The original Osborne Canine Canteen heated water bucket for dogs and other outdoor pets keeps water at a constant 45° F even in the coldest weather! Plastic foam insulation seals thermostat and electrical parts out of harm’s way and controls heater even when the bucket is empty. Unmatched in quality and workmanship!We’ve tried a variety of doggy-intended canteen things. Nalgene bottles & floppy bowls. Little buckets & bottles. Everything was either a pain for us or the dogs weren’t interested in some stinky wet plastic — no matter how thirsty they were.Keep your pet’s water ice free even in the coldest temperatures. Although the Canine Canteen does not automatically refill, it allows your pet to get the water they need during the cold winter months preventing dehydration. How does this innovative dog canteen work? The rust-free stainless steel lined bucket has a 50-watt thermostat-controlled moisture-sealed heater that will keep water drinkable at all times.