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Variocage - Vehicle Crash Tested Dog Crate•Mim VarioCage is the only cage on the market today that has been tested in both frontal and rear collisions. It has also been in a drop test which simulates a rollover with a car. The crash tests have been made by the Technical Research Institute of Sweden.
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The Mim Variocage dog crate is constructed with telescopic tubes and a roof and floor that is separated into two parts, which allows you to adjust the depth. This adjustability feature is also a crash safety (crumple zone) feature. In a collision from behind, the floors, ceilings and the telescopic tubes will be pushed together and this crumple zone reduces the risk that those who sit in the back seat or up against the crate, get hurt. When Mim crash-tested a regular steel cages with a solid frame model of cage, it broke the back seat. Vario Cage has crumple zones, just like a car, which means that it will deform upon impact. Vario cage can save your life and your dog’s! Dog Car Transport Box Aluminium Carrier Crate Puppy Pet Double Large Travel Cage | eBay
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Durable Pets cages for dogs, cats or other animals can be used in cars and at home, providing safety and protection. High quality with two doorsThey've been a popular option for pet owners taking road trips with their dogs in Sweden for the past decade, but these wonderfully are finally available in North America. Like your car, the cages are designed with crumble zones to absorb impacts during a crash, providing extra protection for your dog inside.Variocage dog crates, Single cage with plenty of room A safe and highly practical dog crate, which also provides room for other things in your car booth. Within seconds adjusted to the depth to your car, just as the double cage.* Can I carry two (2) dogs in a double cage and keep them separated from each other?
~ MIM Safe - Variocage includes a removable divider with all Double Model Cages. The divider is recommended for traveling with two (2) Dogs. The divider will partition the cage so you can travel safely with two (2) dogs ... one on each side. Also, when traveling with one dog, the other side if very useful for luggage, groceries, supplies, and materials storage. In the event of a crash, these objects will be contained and not present a hazard to occupants in the vehicle. Single cage with plenty of space
The cage is safe and very practical. Space is left for other items. In a few simple adjustments the depth of the cage can be adjusted to the size of your car.

Double cage with crumple zone and detachable mid-section
When you carry two dogs in the car, they should sit separately and not be able to reach one other. The mid-section easily adjusts sideways if one of the dogs needs more space. If you have a large dog or if you want to give a single dog more space, the mid-section is easily detached. The cage can easily be “tailor-made” for the car by the owner.

Escape door
If the front gates are blocked the escape door can be used. In a few simple operations the rear section can be removed.

Crumple zone
In a rear-end collision the cage will be compressed in a controlled manner to the same extent as the crumple zones of the car. This means that the rear seat back will not be pushed forward by the cage, minimizing the risk of damage to both passengers and dog. Every seventh traffic accident is a rear collision. The rear cargo area is part of the crumple zone that is designed to protect the occupants in collisions. A rear-end collision pushes in the car's rear end and items placed in the cargo area are pushed forward. If there is a dog car crate in the cargo compartment, it will move forward toward the rear-seat backrest and it can be crushed depending on the vehicle, dog crate, and severity of impact. In severe collisions, it is also possible for the dog crate to break the backrest and subsequently injure a passenger. For more than 20 years, MIM has worked with functional designs of safety details in the vehicle industry and they have documentation from hundreds of crash tests. Using this information and their experience, MIM developed a vehicle dog safety crate following the major car manufacturers' use of crumple zones. Then they worked with Swedish government agencies to develop the Safe Pet Crate Test to test the safety of passengers and dogs in crates during a traffic accident.

MIM continues to improve their product and has now released the third generation Variocage, which has passed the crash tests. In a rear-end collision the Variocage will be compressed in a controlled manner just as the crumple zones of the car function. This means that the rear-seat back will not be pushed forward by the crate and also that there is a limit to how much the crate can crumple inward on the dog. These features minimize the risk of damage to both passengers and dog.