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Dog Car Seat Extender / Inflatable Seat Extender -- Orvis. My mom & dad need this for Abby Labby.
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The Kurgo Back Seat Bridge Dog Gap For Car bridges the gap between your front and rear seats, so falling to the floor is never a problem for your pup. Sometimes your pup just needs a little more open space in your car to feel secure and comfortable while traveling. It's a difficult dog's life when you don't know whether to be oversized and under protected on a lofty seat -- or to hunker down on the not-so-soft floor, making it difficult as the owner to practice proper car/dog safety. With a few simple attachments this padded bridge connects between seats to extend your dog's area providing the extra comfortable space that they need. There is a fold down center barrier that acts as a wall just in case you stop short, and also a built in cup holder and pocket for organization
Kurgo Backseat Reversible Dog Bridge Car Seat Extender -- Want to know more, click on the image. This is an Amazon Affiliate links.
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I created a great "seat extender" for my large dog that made it safer and more comfortable for him in my two-seater sports car. I knocked the wooden legs off of an old upholstered ottoman, which made it the same height as the car seat cushion, and fitted it with a washable cover made from a bath towel and some elastic straps. When placed on the floor of the car in front of the seat cushion, it gave him extra room to stretch out and nap, and also kept him from falling off the seat in the event of a sudden stop. (You could also use this for the back seat of a sedan.) I was very glad I had it when he was with me during a car accident. It lifts out in a second if you happen to be transporting humans who need the leg room. Kurgo Backseat Reversible Dog Bridge Car Seat Extender - Lifetime Warranty *** More info could be found at the image url.
Photo provided by FlickrThe dog who rides shotgun will enjoy the supported comfort of this front car seat extender
Photo provided by FlickrGive your pet extra space to relax with our backseat car extender for dogs
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$69.95-$89.95 Simply inflate this dog car-seat extender with the included 12-volt pump. It conforms to the space behind the front seats, creating a large, comfortable seating area for your dog. Only one extender required per car. Dog car-seat extender in gray. 48"L x 11"W deflated. Imported.As part of my new car purchase, I made two other purchases with the dogs in mind. One was a seat cover, which I will review in another post, and the other was this inflatable seat extender platform. There are a lot of back seat car solutions for dogs, but each of my boys are 100lbs, so it needed to be sturdy. Hammocks were out, as were the flat boards that hang from the back of the front seats. Just looked too unstable. I wanted to give the boys as much square footage of flat, supportive and comfortable space, so I bought this inflatable extender and tried it out.Since I have big dogs, traveling in the car can be a little uncomfortable for them. Maya likes to stand up when she rides in the car. So even with her dog car harness on, she had a difficult time keeping her front paws on the edge of the seat. If I stopped too fast, she’d slip and her front paws would end up on the floor. If I ever had to make an emergency stop, she could have been hurt. So how did I solve this problem while at the same time giving my big dogs more room to stretch on out long road trips? I’ve done it with seat extenders like the Backseat Bridge, Pet Dek, or Portable Pet Flat Seat.Does anyone know of a front bucket seat extender for a 2-seater sports car? If I could fill the floor well I’d be able to take my 90-pound dog for a ride!Backseat extender for dogs is made of solid, high-density foam with a tapered design that can be inverted to accommodate a pushed-back front seat. The upholstery-grade microfiber cover has a waterproof, breathable liner. Your dog can stretch out comfortably and safely with this car seat expander. Cover and liner zip off for machine washing. Fits most cars and SUVs; add a second expander to fill both footwells. 25"L x 12"H x 8"-12"D.Bottom line? . Since it's inflatable, it can be customized to the space in the back seat area. I have a pretty big car (Ford Flex) and fully inflated it fits perfectly. There are three air chambers, configured like a short pi symbol. The two "legs" fit in the footwells of the back seat, and the top part extends all the way across the back of the car. Inflated, this creates a huge back seat area for the dogs. They've stretched out, curled up, laid side-by-side, and the platform does a great job supporting them both.