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This seat belt tether is also adjustable from 17.5 to 32 inches making it comfortable for you dog to sit, lay down or even stand in the car. The car restraints also have a swivel clip so you don’t have to fight with a twisted belt while you’re securing your pet.
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Cat / Dog Booster Seats, Seat Belt Tether Pet Car Seats / Pet Waterloo Collapsible-Easy to Disassemble(Orange) -- Awesome products selected by Anna Churchill Seat belt style dog safety tether for safely securing your dog in your car.
Photo provided by FlickrINNX dog car restraint safety seat belt tether
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The CPS was founded by consultant and long-time pet safety advocate Lindsey Wolko after – what else? – an incident on the road with her English Cocker Spaniel in the car. Wolko is one of the few dog owners who regularly uses a car safety restraint on her dog. She had chosen her dog’s restraint harness carefully, after scrutinizing lots of product labels, to make sure the restraint she chose was intended to not only keep her dog from being a distraction while Wolko was driving, but also protect the dog in the case of an accident.

The harness did indeed prevent her dog from hopping around the car. But it wasn’t until Wolko had that near-miss at rush hour on a major metropolitan highway that she realized the harness didn’t perform the way she thought it would. Cut off unexpectedly by another motorist, Wolko slammed on the brakes. The jolt caused her dog to rocket off the back seat, crash against the front seat, and become entangled in the harness’s long tether. Wolko’s dog survived, but was seriously injured.

Shaken and distraught, Wolko began investigating canine car-safety restraints from the perspective of a safety expert, rather than just a consumer. She soon discovered that U.S. manufacturers are not required to crash-test pet travel products before bringing them to market. Further, she learned that there were absolutely no independent standards for any tests that companies conducted to crash-test their products; while some manufacturers claimed their products were crash-tested, this information was useless to consumers (and their dogs) in the absence of test standards.Subscribe to our channel:

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Keep your furry friend safe on the road with the Bergan Auto Harness with Tether Dog Car Harness. This strong yet comfortable dog seat belt harness can minimize distractions and contribute to the safety of both you and your pet in the car. Watch this informational video from Bergan about how to best use your Bergan Safety Harness system!

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The Power of TogetherMeeting the highest standards for pet safety while in the car, this product is designed to keep your dog safe and well-protected while it remains in your vehicle during your travels. It is a travel harness system that is euipped with a durable safety tether and two pieces of industry-standard carabineers made of durable aluminum. The harness is also comfortable and lightweight, and it can accommodate all dogs with a maximum of 80 pounds.One of the good things about this type of tether design is that you can leave it latched in your car’s seat belt and don’t have to remove it each time you take your dog out of the car. That is, until the seat needs to be used by a human.