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This Leather Dog Leash and Choke Collar Combination is worth your attention because:
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Pet owners might use choke or prong collars to help train a dog that pulls on the leash, but accidents with these devices can cause serious injury, including permanent neurological problems — or even death — says Dr. David Bessler, senior emergency clinician at BluePearl Veterinary Partners in Manhattan. “The whole point of a choke collar is that it applies force 360 degrees,” he explains.
A dog should be first trained to walk loose-leash or heel and should be accustomed to a flat or choke collar.
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If you are still keen to continue, put a choke chain around your neck, attach it to a leash, and ask a friend to pull and jerk on it periodically. Welcome to the dog world! Get now this Great Dog Slip Leash that combines leash and choke collar functions in one! It is a brilliant offer at very low price!
Photo provided by FlickrCueCuePet Braided Choke-Free Reflective Dog Harness and Leash for Daytime and Evening Walking.
Photo provided by FlickrThis is a handmade dog slip choke collar and matching leash set
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My dog pulled like yours. He would choke himself blue. I second the suggestions that you try a gentle leader or easy walk harness. The combination of those two tools and a LOT of patience and training got our dog over his pulling habit. A regular buckle collar triggers opposition reflex too easily and makes leash training difficult. It's not just about loose leash walking either, you need to teach him where to walk - right beside or behind you. If you make the rules clear cut for your dog, he will understand faster. Our dog walks calmly at the heel position through the entire walk these days. It's a complete 180 from where he was when we first got him.two great danes here. they both weigh more than me. Not once have I had to use anything, but a regular collar or harness to keep them under control. Firm leadership is far more powerful than any choke chain or shock collar. I leash trained them when they were puppies and now I can walk without a leash at all and they don’t act up or get more than 5 feet ahead of me. This has been the case with every dog my family has ever had.These collars are also used widely for training and are not recommended. They are similar to a choke collar, only there are prongs that when you pull on the leash, pinch into the neck. They should only be used by a trained professionals. They are incredibly dangerous to leave on your dog because they could seriously injure them if it gets caught on anything or if your dog is playing with another dog.Ok, so maybe it is not that easy. Loose-leash walking is one of the hardest things to teach a dog because their first instinct is to pull against the pressure on their body. How many of your dogs sound like they are going to choke themselves when they pull? That is because of their first instinct to pull against pressure. When your dog pulls on the leash the pressure from their collar goes back towards their tail so they instinctively pull forward against it. This is mentally rewarding for them to do since they are “working towards something” (similar to a sled dog pulling a sled). If I am describing your dog, please be careful as they could injure themselves severely by doing this, including collapsing a trachea which can lead to them never being able to bark again.