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Angry Cat still doesn't approve of Bitter Dog's Christmas outfit.
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In one image, we see two terriers in “Santas’s Lil Helper” bodysuits, sitting expectantly underneath a chimney. Then there is one pet owner, Ryan Beauchesne, who has taken to dressing his Mini Dachshund, Crusoe, in a Father Christmas outfit. Both elf and reindeer suits also seem popular choices for holiday dog outfits, as a growing number of people get into the habit of involving their canine friends in Christmas. Speaking to , Zoe St. John, from website Astar Pets, said:
Cute Christmas outfit for my granddaughters' dog, Rasta!
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So now that you’ve seen the must have outfits for your dog this Christmas, it’s time to take a look at some other great Christmas dog clothes. Swankpets carries a large variety of Christmas dog clothes so your little one is not stuck wearing the same festive outfits day in and day out. Being that Christmas is in Winter, keeping your little baby warm is very important. However, keeping them warm in Christmas gear is even more important! 12 Christmas outfits for dogs - who's ready for an ugly sweater contest at the dog park? :)
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Photo provided by FlickrStanding Border Collie in Christmas Outfit#Happy Dog# Lovely Asha
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Pets play a big role in our lives. For some people, their pet is like their own child, and for some their pet is their best friend.
Unlike people, your pet is always there for you, and it might not know much about our holidays but why don’t you get something to dress your pet up in the Christmas spirit?
We’ve made a really large collection of 30 extraordinary Christmas pet clothes and accessories just for your pet. Be sure to take a look at all of these cute little pet fashion pieces and have your dog or cat dressed up this Christmas.This Christmas, like every year, here you are again, wondering what outfit gonna wear your little angels and devils on Xmas Holidays! If you are lucky, you might not have to think too much. But for those who are not so lucky and have to spend time working out what to get, we have some great ideas to help you choose the perfect Xmas outfit for your dog or cat.As dressing up dogs in outfits has become more and more popular, stores have answered pet owners’ prayers by offering their pooches all sorts of creative and fancy attire. From fun collars, vests and dresses to complete costumes, there’s something for every dog. Celebrating the holiday season isn’t just for people – pets can also show off their Christmas cheer by proudly wearing one of these funny, yet adorable festive costumes! Planning on having a full house this Christmas? Your is a social breed who will probably not mind house guests — just be sure to leave some room on your lap and make a quiet area where he can go for some alone time. It should go without saying that the Cavalier is not meant to live outdoors. He’s a family dog who needs to be with his people and protected from excessive heat and cold. Whether you love large dogs or small dogs, you're sure to love all these festive four-legged friends donning their Christmas best. And as a little holiday bonus, we scoured our to bring you more information about these sweet canines. Who could resist?Does your dog have dreams of hanging out with Santa Claus? Well, if they are going to help Father Christmas with his job then they need to look the part! A pair of antlers looks adorable on any hound, and they’ll be all set for sleigh pulling duties.